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Kicking Horse - Comments? (Duplicate from "Resorts")

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Sorry if some of you pay attention to both the resorts forum and the general forum and end up reading this twice. I wanted to get the largest cross section.

Anyone been to Kicking Horse since they opened a couple years ago? I was thinking about trying to get up there for at least one of my trips this year, but I haven't heard anything good or bad about the place.

For those who haven't heard of the place ...

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A associate from the ski club I belong to was there last year. Mostly he said he dreamed about the terrain he could not ski because there was not a lift to service what he saw. Not much help here I know. But really I just wanted to say somthing. Kicking Horse will be on the top 20 list soon.
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See December issue of POWDER
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Unfortunately, the article on Golden in the current Powder tells you next to nothing about Kicking Horse; just a little about the town.
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I've not been myself but probably this year...Everyone I know that has done KH say it's great terrain and snow conditions. The big complaint though is there is no mid mountain lift so you have to ski all the way down every run. They brag 5000ft of vertical, but only the top 2000 is really good terrain. This is all hear say though...I hope I can find out for myself this year!
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Originally posted by DaveV:
See December issue of POWDER
Bummer ... that means the masses may hit soon.
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It's a little over 4000 vertical, not 5. It's the same vert as JH.

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Don't sweat the advertising. That whole area is gearing up for a new era in skiing. Just around the corner at Revelstoke they're just about ready to begin expansions that will eventually make anything around look small, and the new look of Panorama without t-bars is sure to draw a lot of people to some great terrain there.

Kicking Horse is taking it slow in development of their mountain plan. They really need that next quad up into Super Bowl to round out the area for destination visits, but they know they have the goods; so I guess they feel they can be a little cautious with the schedule.

You might want to ski it now, because momentum is building for something the entire ski world will sit up and take notice of.
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Gentlemen - there is a mid mountain stop off. The Stairway to Heaven chair was installed and open last season and allows you to ski all of the top part of one of the bowls without going all the way down. It also allows access to Rudi's bowl which is out of bounds but excellent if safe.

The bottom half of the mountain has some excellent skiing as well - snow dependant of course - you can pick from hard bump runs to open cruisers to contrast the bowls and steep chutes up top.

It is getting serious press over here now and I'd recommend skiing it before it explodes, just to get the small hill atmosphere.

I know the place fairly well so pm for queries ...

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I certainly think Kicking Horse has the goods having skied there 2 years ago. The more they open up the terrain and bowls to each side of the resort the better it's going to get, although leaving those as hike to terrain isn't all that bad of an idea from my perspective. If I remember correctly, though, the shots down the upper bowls that were just out of bounds seemd a bit short (perhaps like Kirkwood?). Additionally I will say that the bottom half of the mountain isn't THAT boring. Of course I'm a bit biased. One of the days there I skied the absolute best groomed runs I have experienced in my life. Not only was the snow and grooming PERFECT put we were able to get "fresh tracks" on the grooomed over repeated runs. (Remember, this is from someone who is a steeps, powder, and crud lover and just doesn't get excited about skiing groomed runs if there's much else open).
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please continue your conversation in the resorts forum
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