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Changes at Sugarbowl...

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I don't know all of what is going on up there, but I hiked the mountain this afternoon to scope some cliff landings without snow on them and I saw some awesome stuff! They are laying water pipes all over the mountain. Looks like they'll have some early snow this year even if it doesn't snow. They're putting in the new high speed quad on silver belt too! Its awesome! I didn't think they'd ever get it in. It's not in the same spot either. They moved it over a couple hundred feet so it dumps out on the true top of the mountain. I'm just speculating, I haven't looked at all, but it looks like it would be really easy to put in a return chair on the back of the mountian now. That's only a guess though. The new chair is going over the left of the sisters instead of the right. It's pretty sweet. Looks like it took some serious work, I.E. blasting and tree cutting.Well I thought I'd throw that out there for all the sugarbowl riders. I hope to see you up there this season! Matt

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That new lift is going to be awesome. I like the terrain off of silverbelt much more, but that lift ride was just so long that I'd go lap on Disney a lot of the time. Anyone know if there are long term plans for a lift on the back side? I drool at the possibility.

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My understanding as to opening up the "backside" off of the current Silver Belt chair which (from what I have heard, will go back to being called the Mt. Lincon chair this season with the high speed quad in) is twofold. One is the water capacity issue, which is iffy on both the summit and Donner Lake, and the second is land rights usage and designation, for the area above Donner Lake.

I have understood for years that the goal was to able to open up the "backside", but I believe there are some obstacles to overcome and if it is to eventually happen, it is several years down the road.

Now, what I have heard speculation of more recently is the possibility of moving the Crows Nest chairlift over (to the West) making Strawberry Fields more accessible. Not necessarily a great thing, but it would beat the hike back!<FONT size="1">

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