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Telluride is for KIDS

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Some of you have watched my then 30 mo old son ski in the OINK video.
Last week we were in Telluride and visited both of their learn to ski magic carpet zones. PERFECT. After only 5 or 6 runs down these nearly flat areas, my son (now 33 mos old) told me...."Daddy, you sit down, I want to "Kee" ( S not pronounced yet) myself" With that he turned to the right, stepped a few times and loaded himself onto the carpet....at the top, he unloaded after saying "blaaaa" to the lift attendant who returned a full "blaaaa" back. Lange (my son) shuffled his feet, looked back at me and proceeded to begin his next run...over and over. Daddy felt so proud. They also have lots of double green runs....Lange now offers..."daddy, your poles are there if I need them, but I don't" I ski next to him with poles at the ready, just in case he wants to grab them to slow down.
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How awesome!! I've always wanted to hit Telluride but thought I would have to wait for the kids to get much older.
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Cool -- that kid is allright!
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We are here right now, and from what I see, I would say it is very kid friendly..One thing they did today to my 9 yr old girl, was every time she went to get on the lift, the attendant walked behind the lift, and grabbed her to make sure she got on alright..We already do that from the front, but it was a nice touch..

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I just re-read my post and want to explain something. Some ski areas, including Telluride, have DOUBLE GREEN slopes. Meaning they are greener than green. On wet snow days, you may have to skate a bit if you are not waxed right or have the correct ski movements. These are great for beginner skiers. And at Telluride---they are very scenic.
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Great stuff! Your son must be talented and seems like quite a self-confident kid! ThumbUp
Originally Posted by I:)Skiing View Post
Lange (my son)
You named your kid after a ski boot brand? How's that for customer loyalty!
I bet you also have a daughter named Dynastar or Nordica!
Sorry, just kidding, just found it a funny coincidence in the skiing context, didn't mean to offend but couldn't resist...
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I started taking my 11 year old son over to Telluride 4 or 5 years ago because it felt saver than the funky merging trails and headwalls of Purgatory. (He now skis everything there.) Also, the kid's season passes offered in the offseason are worth checking out. This year it was $129. If you are considering a trip for next year, they have also been offering a 6 and 10 day deal (almost half off, I think) and Telluride cards. I'm not sure if you can get them online, but they send a crew around the SW at ski swaps and list them on their site. So does Purg. Locals need to travel to Albuquerque to get a deal.
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Thanks for the info on ski deals. They, like most areas will let kids under 6 ski free. But 129 for over is GREAT.

In fact, Lange is named after my boots. It was a joke, that stuck.

I wanted Lance...wife did not like it. She gave me every clue that the baby was girl...I never got serious when she asked for boy's names. She had the girl's name picked out..I felt I was wasting mental energy. As the baby was being washed up....she said what about "Lange" I liked that.
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That's a great story!
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