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Originally Posted by PowHog View Post

On a side note to me Mr. Steezy very much resembles a certain French pro freeskier who is sponsored by Rossi and won the IFSA world tour three consecutive times. By chance he is a certified mountain guide as well. Or am I entirely mistaken here?

You are not mistaken. That is none other than Manu Gaidet.

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Originally Posted by splitter View Post
one of those wierd fellas that climbs up hills and walks down them.
WHOA! People DO THAT???
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Good steeze involves using those guys as GS gates as you zip past them. Watch for triplines which sometimes attach a string of them together.
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For the record, many skis headed up Hood yesterday but only one pair went to the top. They were carried A frame, by an extremely steezless gaper, snagging his 26 year old crampons on his baggy pants with a lift ticket still attached. On the other hand, they made it.
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Originally Posted by PhilT View Post
I load my skis diagonally so I can distinguish myself as a hard core freerider as opposed to some gaiter wearing mountaineering fossil
If A frame is steezeless and diagnol steezeful does that make shouldering them steezefullest :

I want to contragulate participants in this thread (both steezeful, steezeless, and any others like myself who can't qualify for any category) for taking a mundane question (no offense to original poster) and turning it into a thread every bit as entertaining as anything on the technique forum. Great job .
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Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces View Post
You are not mistaken. That is none other than Manu Gaidet.
Wow! That guy's B3s seem to work better than mine ...
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I prefer diagonal or straight (as in Manu's photo - depends on the pack setup), tails don't hit your legs and it's easier to duck tree limbs.

Bob's right, Mr. Steezeless is dressed to go the distance; even if he's a walking fashion statement with the shorts over thermals look. The gaiters can be forgiven considering the photo is 10 yrs. old. Modern smart fabrics that change with the microclimate eliminate the need for the shorts/thermal/gaiter setup, the only time I see a need for gaiters is when sand skiing.

Mr Steezeful, however, is dressed for a 10-20min hike as evidenced by the full alpine jacket and helmet already on his head. Go any further and he would likely overheat. Linking to the photogs website, a similar photo mentions a 15 min hike from a heli drop off. http://www.christoffersjostrom.com/p...rtising/00445/

Both are probably good skiers, just dressed for different outings.

Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post
With your permission, I'll offer a slightly different interpretation.

Mr. Steezeless is obviously an actual climber (and skier) of snow-covered mountains. Everything about his getup is functional and geared toward arriving at the top of a major peak while remaining dry, warm (but not TOO warm), and safe. After a long and arduous ascent, during which he has the gear and the training to cope with whatever curveballs the elements might throw at him, he's got everything he needs to ski back down. Also, the photo appears to have been taken primarily for the purpose of chronicling the fact that he was somewhere OUT there.

As opposed to Mr. Steeze-to-the-Max...

Whose obviously posed photo was probably taken ten yards from the top of a lift (or maybe he just got out of the helicopter). If he got into an actual snowstorm, whatever he's got in that tiny little pack would probably allow him to survive about fifteen minutes. I'd be surprised if there's room for much more than a Red Bull in that pack. On the plus side, if the weather gets bad, he'll make a very stylish, very steezeful yellow-and-tan frozen popsicle.

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