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Dynastar Big Trouble --AT ski?

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any thoughts on turning this ski into an alpine touring ski? would i be fine throwing the fritchii freestyle plus binding on it, and be able to go back and forth from downhill to AT? I don't expect to do a ton of BC, but would like the flexibility and don't yet want to go out and buy a whole new dedicated setup
thanks for thoughts.
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That's a big (heavy) ski for an AT rig, the Fristchi is a nice binding but it will be pretty sketchy on anything not really really soft due to it's torsional weakness... basically it would be a heavy ski for AT (bad) that would ski like crap (also bad) due to a binding that would be overwhelmed by the ski.

I wouldn't do it, that's my thought.

My other thought is: if you don't already have skins, probe and transciever then buying a 'whole set-up' is farther off than you think.
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I know a couple of people who have put Naxo's on the Big Troubles and love them. Talked to somebody recently who has tele bindings on his. I've only skied it alpine and it's a good ski. If you're going on long tours something lighter might be in order but then you'd probably be going a little skinnier, if you're looking to climb peaks and ski it would probably be just fine. I use the Rossi Sick Bird with fritschi's as my AT setup and have a blast
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I totally mis-read your question. I thought you were asking about '09 HUGE TROUBLE, my response is 100% wrong.

The Big trouble would make a pretty darn good AT ski (if you like the ski). It is a good choice. Sorry for the earlier mis-read.
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sorry for the delayed response......
thanks for the advice.
whiterooom, glad you cameback with the second opinion ccuz your first one was pretty convincing. I checked the forum yesterday very quickly before heading over to wilderness house, which was having a good end of season sale and based on your recommendations I did go ahead and get the fritschii!
this is exactly why this board is so great..
thanks for your generous advice.. here's to snow!
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quick bump:
how far back to mount the freestyles? the tech is advising me not to overdo it or the ski will loses its quickness in the trees. this will see more east coast than west coast action.
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1cm back from the line is best for deeper snow has been recommended by those who ski these in deep or heavy/damp snow. I have mine pretty much on the line (2007 model) and I find that they do well except for in powder that is knee deep+. Mine are mounted with regular alpine bindings though. I ski them in the trees a great deal and like them on the line (I have other skis for really deep snow).
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My experience wiith BT (black "scream" models )mounted on the FS line is that they seriously tend to tip dive. (alpine bindings).
There are several threads on this board and on TGR suggesting going at least 1 or 2cm back. It make sense to me.

(and, I'm late to it, but they are indeed heavy skis for touring ?!)
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yes, def. am going back, just torn between 1 cm and 2cm. perhaps I'll err on the conservative side or split the baby at 1.5 cm
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Loving my Fat Twins

I'm not into the back country thing, but definitely a fan of the Big Trouble. I have the black and lime green model (2006?) in 176 cm. When I first got them, I assumed, like a lot of skiers, that the 92 mm waist would slow down the handling. To test this assumption, I tried imitating what other skiers were doing on the mountain. I skied behind one guy cranking out quick short radius turns down the fall line. Matched him turn for turn. Then I fell in behind another skier carving big, fast turns on the groomed. Kept up with him for a while until my 58-year-old knees begged me to stop. Things are warming up now, so I'm looking forward to finding out how the BT's perform in the slush. A great all-round ski, and it looks good enough to mount on the living room wall in the off-season (if my wife allows it, of course).
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good to hear that endorsement.
I got the BTs after hearing other owners' description, and it sounded like just the antidote to my metrons. decided to go 1cm back, after having it thru with the shop tech, who is a committed AT skier.
Thanks all!
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