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Review: Sticky Fish

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Review: Sticky Fish
Any of you who've skied with the youngest of the young skiers know, its almost necessary to have some "jr skier bait". What better bait than fish...........Swedish Fish to be exact.

You may have read my TR from the conclusion of ESA Stowe, which included a great time on the slopes with Epic and his family.
Seen here

Here are some highlights and the reason for this Review:
Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
Upon the arrival of Epic and Mrs Epic at the bottom, I found out why we were waiting this time.
Little voice said, "Dad, I want a sticky fish and then we can go on that chair" (pointing to the Adventure Triple)

One trip there and we went to the Sunny Spruce Quad, where we finished the day.

Theme of the day.........Lets go!

I'd like to thank the Micro Diva for the tour of her mountain, and for sharing her sticky fish.
Originally Posted by epic View Post
................I don't think we would have ever caught up if it wasn't for the fish.

Wednesday we went back up after school and did two runs on Nosedive a run on Perry Merrill and one on Chin Clip. Polished off a whole bag of fish too...
Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Stock tip for interested parties. Invest in Sticky Fish.
Originally Posted by rapid View Post
Sticky fish is the greatest item ever invented -- to keep 4 yr old rippers in tow !!

On with the review:
I bought some generic "sticky fish" for a ski day with some kids from a school where I volunteer.
The kids informed me that they were not the same, so I decided to do a comparison.

On the left, the Swedish Fish Brand 1.59/package, on the right, Gonzo Juju Fish 2pkg/1.00.

The first thing I noticed is that the Swedish Fish (shown in red here)were thinner, and longer, with a soft texture that sticks to your teeth, the Gonzo Fish (shown in orange here) thicker and shorter, were not as sticky, and had an almost grainy texture when you bite into them.

Its hard to compare the taste because the Swedish fish (red) had a strawberry-ish flavor, while the Gonzo Fish (red) had a Cherry-ish flavor. The Swedish fish, most definitely have a more distinct flavor, and more pleasant texture, than the Gonzo Brand.

I guess its true.............everbody loves a swede, or a Swedish fish!
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Agree with the gotta go with the real stuff.

This season I used cinninom (sp) mints... MMM good.
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