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best liners for very (very) small boots?

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I had been gearing up to gear up... trying the ski boot thing again... but it seems like I might do better to wait until next year with a little more choice.
Still, I'll continue to mull over various fit improvements until then.

One of the things I was wondering about is getting special liners such as the Zipfits. My current liners are foam injected... yet I swear they're packing down. I'm attracted to the idea of a liner that adjusts as you ski. Also to a liner you can move between boots.

Here's the thing, though. I'm a 5'0" woman with a street shoe size of 4.5. My shell size is 21.5 (although I believe my boots are marked 22), and the boot length is 255mm (which is so short it doesn't fit in the K2 integrated bindings properly -- they go down to 260mm, apparently). Also, because I have a woman-sized calf (not that of an 11 year old boy), I've cut down my boot tops somewhat.

Do Zipfits go down that small? And how tall are they?

Otherwise, would another type of liner work better?

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side question: what boot goes to a 255 that is an adult flex?
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They're junior boots: Rachle X-Tunes. And I pulled almost everything that could push the flex foward out, since that puts me in a bad place for my skiing.

And let me tell you, when I'm not *in* the boots, whenever someone sees the boots, they evoke gales of mirth. Apparently there's nothing as funny as really teeny ski boots.
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Not just funny, but you can use one to hold your keys, and one hanging on the rear view mirror too

I have seen an adult technica in 260mm, langes race boot in size 2 or 3 = 266, or the older WC 100 team in size 3 or 4 is the smallest I have seen
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I'm starting to get the feeling that Zipfits are not in my future.
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The Tecnica Diablo Pro Race 90, 110 ,130 all go down to a 260 mm. They are sized as a UK 2.5/US 3.5 or a 21.5 mondo. This is an adult lugged sole.

Both Tecnica and Nordica build a 4 buckle 70 flex jr race boot that is made in a 21.5 mondo. These will work for a skier up to 100 lbs. The sole length is 259mm. The 21.5 is a Jr lugged boot so you could not use this boot with any adult binding. These boots are targeted at 11 and 12 year old racers. Average weight for this age group is between 80 and 100 lbs.
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