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Bode Miller Assured World Cup Win

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[b]Miller assured World Cup title as Cuche won't run slalom
Associated Press[b]

Updated: March 13, 2008, 7:55 AM ET

BORMIO, Italy -- Bode Miller was assured of his second overall World Cup title in four years after his closest challenger decided not to ski one of the season's final two races.

Didier Cuche was not going to compete in the season's final slalom, Swiss team spokeswoman Kristina Schneider said Thursday. Cuche, a speed specialist who won the downhill season title over Miller earlier this week, doesn't race the slalom.

Miller declined to speak to reporters at the finish line.

"I am not talking today," he said.

His personal coach, John McBride, was glad the title came before the final race. Miller split from the U.S. team this season to train on his own.

"I am very happy I don't have to drag this all the way to the slalom and chew my fingers off watching him try to bring home the bacon in the slalom," McBride told The Associated Press. "I'm super relieved that he's done it because I think he proved he was the best overall skier this year."

Miller, who also won the overall in 2005, set up the United States to sweep the men's and women's overall World Cup titles for the first time in 25 years.

Now all Lindsey Vonn has to do is make sure she keeps some of her 157-point lead over Maria Riesch of Germany and Americans will take both championships for the first time since Phil Mahre and Tamara McKinney won in 1983.

Hannes Reichelt of Austria won the final Super-G race of the season to clinch the World Cup title in the discipline by one point over Cuche, who won the downhill season crown.

Miller missed his last chance at the downhill title when bad weather prevented the season's last race from being run Wednesday, allowing Cuche to keep his lead.

On Thursday, Reichelt won the Super-G by the slimmest margin, beating Didier Defago of Switzerland by 0.01 seconds, giving him 341 points in seven Super-G races this season. Cuche finished 16th, one spot out of the points.

Cuche said he tried to ski a safe run to finish in the points to secure the super-G title.

"I wanted to use tactics," the 33-year-old said. "If I had only come in 15th, you could have said that I was clever. Now I'm the idiot."

Miller had a safe run to clock 1:46.01, extending his lead with a 12th-place finish.

Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press
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10 bucks it will not be in the paper tomorrow.

Way to Go Bode!
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Cuche and the Euros were afraid of Bode this week. They talked the race organizers into cancelling the downhill and then Cuche pusses out of this weekends races.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Cuche only won 1 downhill this season while Bode won 3, I know Cuche had more 2nd place finishes, but who cares, to me Bode is the best speed skier in the world right now, period, which is awesome.

I also love it that Bode broke away from the "establishment" and won it his way.
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Frederick Md paper: Large photo of Bode's co-winner. 6 paragraphs, 1 sentance on Bode.

It could not be better news......US ski team, wake up to the fact that you are training/coaching freaking crazy atheletes who go FAST. If they were normal folks, they would be slamming a wedge at 15 mph. They are stallions....understand it. Feed the machine, don't kick it off the team.
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Originally Posted by upnorthban View Post
10 bucks it will not be in the paper tomorrow.
As you said... It is a shame the press (and Americans overall) don't care about the WC Alpine.

I was on the gondola at Keystone about a month ago with "an old fart" (his words not mine) who used to coach at Buck Hill. He said, "it is so sad, not even the Denver Post (ski country) covers the WC".

If this were any other sport (probably even curling) it would had made news:

Nation Titles
USA - 5
Germany - 2
Italy - 2
Austria - 2
Switzerland - 1
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Originally Posted by danimal's dead View Post
Cuche and the Euros were afraid of Bode this week. They talked the race organizers into cancelling the downhill
Come on, don't tell me you really believe that.
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Cuche personally probably wanted to decide the Cup via racing, he's a pretty game kind of guy. And I think he was anyway in better form than Miller on the last weekend of the season. You want to blame someone for the loss of the DH cup? Blame Werner Heel.

But really, no one in their right mind would "opt" for another race if they could win via cancellation, no matter what they say. Bode won a GS cup this way a few year's back.

And no one's afraid of anyone else, this isn't boxing.

Personally, I don't believe in conspiracy theories on the World Cup unless they involve the Austrians. And Austria had nothing to gain from the cancellation.
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Actually Schuss, I do believe that, there were plenty of opportunities to get the downhill in by the end of the weekend.

Let me give you a scenario, let's say it's Sunday night at the US Open, there has been a rain delay earlier in the day so play is behind schedule. Ernie Els is leading the tournament by 1 stroke on the 17th fairway with Tiger 1 stroke back waiting at the 17th tee box in the final group when play is suspended due to darkness. Due you (A.) declare Ernie Els the winner of the tournament or (B.) come back the next day and play the final 2 holes?

Even Cuche said, to his credit, that he didn't want to win the title like that.

And the only coaches consulted in the decision to cancel the downhill were the Swiss and Austrian coaches, so there you go.
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Unfortunately there's no real comparison between golf and skiing.
Playing a few holes does not compare to organizing at least one training run AND a race on seperate days knowing that a lot of the competitors in the DH also have/want to compete in other events later that same week.
In this case it also not a race that was started and later finished, it never even started. As I metioned in another thread, up until that day Cuche had been most consistent in DH. Would Miller have taken it if they'd raced that day? I guess we'll never know but you can't blame Bode not winning the DH cup just on the cancellation of a single race. Especially not after all the incidents we've had this season in speed events.

If you want to believe Cuche or his trainer has that much influence then so be it. I don't think FIS can go lightly over a decision where so much is and so many are involved. TV rights, tourists and local economy, other racers.;.
It's not because one dude might feel the heat they're gonna ditch the interests of all the others involved.
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FWIW, there was an article on Miller and Vonn and the overall cups in OUR paper. But then, we're a ski town.
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