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Bump on outside of Calcaneal

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I'm one of the lucky guys that has a bump on the outside of of calcaneal just above the heel. I ski in an Atomic CS model boot . Been having the heel pocket of the boot on the side of the heel where I have my bump dremmeled. Its helped a good bit but I still continue to experience pinching. I have the Super Feet Cork footbed.

Anything else besides grinding the heel pocket that will reduce the pinching. The footbeds were tapered a bit in the heel to fit better in the boot. I really don't have a wide heel and my shell size is pretty generous with a little more than a finger space behind the heel. Just wondering if there is anything possibly simple that could help me. Thanks for your comments and inputs.
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Check out the liner. Is your "pump bump" rubbing on any seams? If it is, and the seam is not very elastic, a grind @ the heel will not always alleviate this. If your bump is in the free and clear, I would either try additional grinding. You mentioned that the area had been previously "dremmeled". If the dremmeling just skuffed up the surface, you will need to grind and produce more depth. Also, are you skiing with the liner forward lean shim installed? Do you have the forward lean adjusted on the cuff adjuster? Lastly, you could try to place a small donut on the liner @ the bump to see if this helps.
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Thank you Cantman. I do have the forward lean shim in at the back of the boot. Does this aggravate the pump bump ?

I have the Atomic FR version of the Atomic CS I need to check if it has a forward lean adjustment on the cuff. Should I try to be more upright or forward? I've experiemneted with some padding on the liner and jury is out whether this helped or not.
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You may want to experiment with a more upright forward lean angle. Why don't you try pulling out the liner shim?
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When you lean forward in boots your heel actually lifts slightly inside the shell even though you may not be aware of it. Most shops when grinding for heel spurs grind too low in the shell which often makes the problem worse.

They or you should be grinding above the heel spur to smooth the transition from the heel pocket to the area that tapers to snug the Achilles.
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