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I demoed the Public Enemy in a 179 cm a couple of weeks ago and really liked the ski in soft crud and bumps. I see on ebay they have some Scott P3 's. I'm thinking the P3 would ski pretty similarly as the PE in soft snow and bumps. I think I'm going to be able to catch another week in Colorado early April and would like to have this type of ski.

Everybody seems to want the PE, and I waited to long to pull the trigger at EVO and all the 179 cm are gone. I probably have a better chance of getting the 184 cm P3 cheaper than the 178 P3 .

The 184 cm P3 is probably just a "hair" longer than I would prefer, but I'm thinking because its a twin tip it will feel closer to a 175 cm. They still will ski longer than the 179 PE, but the 179 PE when I skied it didn't feel too long by any stretch. I'll probably have them mounted slightly forward of center. Anybody have any experience skiing the P3? Am I correct in thinking the P3 and the PE will ski similarly.

My stats are 6 ft tall 175 lbs. 53 years old. I really don't ski fast. My typical ski days in Colorado would be ski the couroury in the AM, ski the bowls when they soften up. ski an hour - hour and a half in the bumps or so, then go collapse. Hot tub and do it all over again the next morning.