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Photopoint test

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BASTARDS!!!!! You can't post from a free account anymore.<FONT size="1">

http://albums.photopoint.com/j/Thumbnail?u=1601703&a=12208391&p=47198844&Width=10 0&

DOUBLE BASTARDS!!!!! You can't even post a working link!!!!!!

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[This message has been edited by Herman (edited July 12, 2001).]</FONT>
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it might still work Herman
I think Photopoint as a whole is down.
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Could be. Found a new one, photoasa.com.
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are you looking to just post specific pictures?
if so who is your ISP?
you may already have web space you don't know about and can post your pictures on your own web space.
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I do, but it has my office name in the url, which i dont want to use for non business stuff.
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that's fair. just trying to help.
If it's skiing related AC has offered to put up some stuff. send him an email info@epicski.com
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Ve are not interested in your photos of cross dressing prison b!tches!
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Arnie...good to hear from you. How are your wife and my kids?

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