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BCC or LCC this weekend?

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Looks like it is going to snow this weekend so I am going to head up to SLC. I want to go to Snowbird but I am worried about crowds. I am flying solo so the singles line will be nice but that won't help me out on the tram. I have heard the Bird is less crowded on Sunday so I am thinking about hitting one of the other 3 on Sat. Any suggestions or opinions?
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Yesterday was epic at Alta, Today wasn't bad, tommorrow should be amazing. Only crowds at the bottom early. Nice storm happening.
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snowbird is so crowded and tracked...yeah right no crowds at all the past 2 days just ask the alta holic above me on which ski area has more crowds.

FYI book me for a private, and you will ski untracked powder all day long.
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In the last 24 hours, Alta Ski Area received 7" of new snow

In the next 24 hours, Alta Ski Area is forecasted to receive 10-14" of new snow
The settled mid-mountain base is currently: 162"

So far this season we've received 578" of snow

Hmmm. Looks like some of us are calling in sick tomorrow, or, as is the case of my powder drunk friend above, showing up early for work...
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