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Tahoe 3/5 - 3/9

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I posted a no-pic TR for Kirkwood on 3/4. We finally got our $h!t together and got a camera that worked for the rest of the week. Unfortunately the snow never got much better than what we saw at Kirkwood, but some pretty specatcular weather and great scenery.

On the way home from Kirkwood the check engine light on my brother-in-law's car came on and the car was running really rough. We ran it to Pep Boys in Sacto the next morning (3/5) to get them to pull the codes. After listening to their spiel about advanced trouble shooting and proposal to charge us $570 for a full tuneup and fuel system cleaning, we said no thanks, just the codes please. $25 for the codes and we deduced either the plugs or plug wires were bad. We spent $37 for plugs and wires and threw in a bottle of fuel system cleaner for $8 (bought at the same Pep Boys). By now it was almost noon, so we knew skiing was out. We drank beer, changed the plugs and wires, and then poured in the fuel system cleaner. A test drive proved our brilliance. We saved $500 but lost a day of skiing - oh well.

On Thursday, we headed for Sugar Bowl. The car was great all the way up the hill. We hit the slopes at the crack of 10 to allow the sun to soften up the overnight freeze. No luck. First run down Lincoln on Rhalves' Run was pretty hard. We moved to Disney to take advantage of the eastern exposure in hopes that the morning sun would work some magic. Uhhh....no. The had groomed East Face and it was decent but not what we were looking for. We tried Bacon's Gully and lost all our fillings. We then tried Nancy's, hoping to harvest some corn. Not exactly. Hard and very rough. Even some spots of breakable crust. Well, you've got to take the good with the bad.

We finally gave up on looking for corn and did multiple laps on East Face. After lunch, we hit Licoln again and found some OK snow in Silver Belt, Fuller's Folly and Steilhang. Not great but not bad.

On Friday, we decided to hit Squaw. A quick warmup in Siberia told us we had to be very selective..it was almost icy. We headed for the Headwall lift and noticed Sun Bowl. It was already turning to glop at 10:30 am. We then hit the run on the north face off the Headwall Lift. It was the best snow we found all day. Like chalk. Edge-able, smooth, and the moguls were glorious. Unfortunately, it was a pretty short run, but we did a couple of laps there. We then hit the Headwall Face. It was pretty hard. We broke for lunch and then hit KT22 for the rest of our day.

The area between the KT22 chair and the Olympic Lady Chair had some groomed and some not. The groomed was skied off and the ungroomed was pretty hard, but ski-able. We then dropped in skier's left of the KT22 chair. A pretty hairy cornice, not knowing what the snow was like below. It was actually quite good and almost as good as the north face off of the Headwall Chair. About halfway down, I found a real steep section that had turned to breakable crust. I broke through at a real inopportune time and took a few minutes to clean up the resultant yard sale. We then spent some time exploring the runs to the skier's right of the Olympic Lady Chair. Some decent snow in the trees, but still not great.

In what turned out to be our final ski day of this trip, we decided to give Alpine Meadows a shot on Saturday (3/8). I was very pleasantly surprised. We did a quick warmup down some groomers off the Summit Six and then decided to hike/traverse to the Upper Saddle to get to the backside of Alpine. We traversed to the skier's right of Sun Bowl and found some very sweet corn. We wanted to get another run in Sun Bowl before it turned to glop, so we took the Sherwood Chair to the Our Father Traverse. That's a pretty scary track as you make a 90* left turn above a cliff to a steep down and then up with lots of exposure. The reward was great mid-winter snow in High Yellow Gully. We did another lap to Sun Bowl and skied down directly from the Upper Saddle. Again some very sweet spring conditions. We were getting gassed from the hike/traverse, so we did quite a few laps in Sherwood Bowl. It was getting gloppy pretty quickly, but it was fun. We broke for a late lunch and then decided to try skiers left off the Summit Six Chair. We decided to hike out to Beaver Bowl as it appeared to have been getting a pretty good blast of the morning and noon sun.

Yes folks, us almost 50 types will try to keep up with you young 'uns. It's really not a bad hike, with not much vert.

We stopped at Idiot's Delight, but the exposure wasn't getting much sun and the snow on the ridge was pretty crappy.

We pressed on to Beaver Bowl and dropped in off a pretty healthy cornice.

The snow was horrible. Breakable ice crust with absolute glop below. We tried some trees on the skier's left, but it was no better. It took quite a while to get down and it cooked my legs pretty badly. We then skied some of the steeper runs off the Summit Six chair that were groomed to try to dissipate the lactic acid. We made one last run on Palisades. The snow was great and luscious moguls! Very similar to what we found earlier in High Yellow Gully. I wish we had tried that before going to Beaver.

On Sunday, instead of skiing, we headed down to San Francisco - I had never been. We hiked some in the Marin Headlands area.

After that, we took a quick trip through Sausalito looking for a gas station and then met some of my brother-in-law's friends at Fisherman's Wharf for lunch. We then headed for the Golden Gate park and took the obligatory bridge pic:

Overall, a great trip despite sketchy snow conditions.
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Sorry we missed you for the gathering at KW on Friday and Saturday. Conditions were decent, but with new snow coming tomorrow, we should have another shot of winter. You weren't far away when you were in the Sacramento area either.

Nice pictures and hope your next trip brings some real snow.
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good trail report

would like to see more of these on epic
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Nice post.

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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Sorry we missed you for the gathering at KW on Friday and Saturday. Conditions were decent, but with new snow coming tomorrow, we should have another shot of winter. You weren't far away when you were in the Sacramento area either.

Nice pictures and hope your next trip brings some real snow.
We planned to try to meet up, but the snow conditions at KW weren't that great on Tuesday, so we decided to try someplace new. Squaw and Alpine were actually pretty good.

Real snow? I ski in New York where we normally ski on man-made snow. The snow out there was real, just a little abused.
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Nice report. Our Father at Alpine was the first double black I ever did. I wasn't a very good skier at the time either, and was scared enough just getting to the run, lol.
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We were in the same place at the same time. Small world! I was at Squaw on 3/7 and at Alpine on 3/8. I was solo on my trip. I flew into Reno on the evening of 3/6 after attending a convention in Santa Clara all week. My only agenda was Squaw on Friday becuase I was purchasing a pair of Demo skis up at the Oasis Demo Shop.

We probably passed each other. My Squaw day started with a run over to the shirley lake area. 3 laps on Granite Chief. Then, I skied all the way down and walked to the car to shed a layer. Then up KT22 and down the same route that you described just on the groomed part right by the Olympic Lady Chair. Conditions there were OK. (I was at Squaw 2 weeks prior on 2/22 and it was powder city! 6 - 8 inches fresh to start the day and then a few more inches fell after lunch.) Anyway, I went down to Red Dog and then over to Squaw creek and did a few laps over there. They were getting good morning sun, so the conditions were softer. Back over and down to KT22. This time I decided to try the East Face. The very top was icy, but it was great once you got down the first 20 yards. After going up the Funnitel and grabbing lunch, I went up Siberia, and headwall and was trying to think up something esle to do when I decided on a whim to take an advanced group lesson...turned into a private lesson since no one else showed up for level 6. All in all it was a good day.

The next day, I was at Alpine too. Started up the Roundhouse chair. Fell in with my Chair mates and skiied the whole day with them. We spent the morning in the sherwood bowl where the sun was making things nice and soft. I group split based on ability and this crazy female skier and I did many laps off Summit summit six through D7 and off of Alpine Bowl Chair. We must have made 20 top to bottom runs. Both days were good, but the conditions 2 weeks early were the best. On that trip we did Heavenly, Squaw, and Sierra.

Sorry for the thread highjack, that's my mini-report of the same places on the same days that you were there.

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No pics from my trip when you were there. These are from the trip two weeks earlier:


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