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Taos Comp Pictures

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Here's a picture of my son's run (air) in the Taos Big Mountain Comp. I may be able to post a sequence later. He stomped the landing. He's slightly right of center in the photo.

http://share.shutterfly.com/view/fla...b 35d2b63c467

(You can just reslect the photo if the slide show closes)
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That's a great photo Si.

Hard to tell with a direct photo angle, but it looks like he picked a good air with a steep landing.

How did he do?
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Thanks Tyrone, he qualified for the second day of the comp where this was his line. Unfortunately, they scored him 26th with only 25 going on to the finals. Many people came up to my son to tell him he should have made it (i.e. he was robbed) as many of the top 25 in the finals were not comparable lines, control, etc. As the Big Mountain events are judged events there's always the question of how much bias there is towards the better known or local skiers. However, my son still enjoys just being a part of it and competing.
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yeah, scoring is nearly always an issue with these comps....which I guess is sort of true with nearly any 'judged' event or semi-subjective scoring system. Hopefully he was at least able to get the score cards from the judges so he can see where he may have been docked a point or two. Sometimes, the slightest bobble on an air (i.e. a backslap, or touching a hand down) no matter how large the air can cause a deduction in control points (but the line score points usually go up).

Getting the score cards can be a valuable learning tool. Also, it can be valuable just to make sure the judges add your score up correctly! For example, at last year's Kirkwood World Tour qualifier, when the results came out, I was listed as 20th out of 70 skiers with a 29.00 score. I was happy because that at least meant I was moving on to the next day. But then when I got my score cards from the judges, there was a mistake in adding up my score, and my 29 overall should have been closer to a 30 or 31 which would have put me in the top 10 after Day 1.

So....always get your score cards.
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