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Jay Peak Conditions.........

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Headed up to Jay, Burke, and Maybe Owlshead, Sutton, or Orford this Sunday 3/16. How are conditions? Planning on skiing through Easter Saturday. Thx.
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ALso looking for.....

recommendations on good ski shops in the area. Planning on buying skis and Jacket for my daughter and maybe a jacket for and pants for me.
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I was up there on Friday and Saturday. Conditions were surrprisingly good. A little heavy and slushy on Saturday morning, getting a little icy in the evening after the temperature turned down following the heavy rains.

They seemed to have plenty of snow, and the glades were fantastic both days, even the chutes up top.

As for shops.. dunno of any shops in the immediate area, but Stowe is close by and on the way for lots of people, and it's loaded with good shops. I had a good experience at Pinnacle Ski and Sports there last year.
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last week was horrible. It was so dissapointing, i left from boston at 9 and got there at 3am, worst drive ever.

they got like 4 inches, followed by about an inch of sleet and rain. the snow was heavy and sloppy, crusted on the top cause of the fog. it was hard to see all saturday morning.

the week before was insane, 12 inches of pow in 2 days.

this weekend should be nice, theyve had 6 inches this week and you'll get a dusting each night your there.
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Try First Trax in Montgomery VT when you go to Jay Peak. Good deals and great service, Donny will help you find the right pair of skis for your daughter.
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Thanks for the update and advice. Can't wait to get up there and enjoy the area.
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