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To plate or not to plate?

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Hey all...

I am shopping new skis and some of the options are standard skis without integrated plate. What are your recommendations for add-on plates and really, are they necessary...what are the main advantages of having the plate versus a standard screw in binding?
I seem to have skipped a generation in ski tech advancements, having had my skis for the last 9 years. The most I did was put standard Salomon lifts under my bindings.

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Standard skis without integrated plates are meant to have plates they simply offer you the option of which plate and allow you more control over binding selection and position. We sell almost all skis flat and then use plate selection as way to final tune.

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Forget about the plates and system bindings. The best performance is still the good ol' flat ski with a screwed-in binding.
It's direct and precise... kinda like the rack-and-pinion steering on race cars rather than a squishy power-assisted steering system.
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I think a lot also depends on what ski's you're getting.
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Plates improve hardsnow perfromance and provide the ability to change the boot position or boot size without re-drilling the ski.

I installed the railflex plate on a pair of powder skis just to provide the ability to quickly adjust the position of the boot on the ski.

If you install a standard binding directly to a ski, you will need to redrill if you change boot position or boot size.

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The more 'carve oriented' the ski is, the more it should have a plate... think race carver or race ski (generally these are already integrated or plated).

The more 'freeride oriented' the ski is the less likely to plate... park skis and mogul skis should really never be plated (you're buying the wrong thing if you are adding plates).

The grey area is 'all-mountain' skis. Some will have a racier feel and carve better (and grip better) without losing any real off-piste performance by adding some lift to the binding. As a general rule I feel that the wider the ski is the lower the binding should be.
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