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Xteam clinic...Has anyone taken one of these?

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Based on a recommendation on this board I am looking into taking a three day xteam clinic. I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with this group? I have been skiing for +/- 20 years with little or no formal training. This sounds like a good way to be taught the right way or better way to do what I am currently doing. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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Consider the EpicSki Academy. The 2003 EpicSki Academy starts January 27th at Brighton in Utah and runs four days. There will be one or more other EpicSki Academies next season as well, perhaps one in the northeast, too. Look near the top of the forum main page, and go to the Planning Room. There you can view - and print out, if you'd like - a brochure. If this is too short notice for this year, think about doing it next year.

The X-Team clinics have their special place, too, for steeps and extreme skiing. The DesLauriers brothers, the Egan brothers, and Dean Decas can't be beat for teaching you that stuff. Buy one of their X-Team videos for a start. You won't be disappointed.

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I did an x-team last year in Big Sky. The level of teachers is top notch and they are also good people. I give it high praise and plan on going back. A majority at my clinic were veterans, and some had been as many as ten times. Skill levels range from advanced-intermediates to true all mountain experts. Age level was wide and the mix of male/female was around 65/35. I was in the lowest group, and most likely the worst in this bunch at the beginning, but I caught up over time. Our group did blacks and doubles. Rest assured you will be pushed to your limit, but you have world class skiers with you the whole way. Video feedback at the end of the day combined with watching all the other skiers and instructors video was also a big help. Keep in mind that unless they have changed their philosophy you will not see a groomed run. Steep, powder and crud is the name of the game.

Opted to attend the academy this year instead as I just moved to SLC. It sounds like it will be on par with an x-team experience. Wrecked my knee a couple of weeks ago and will be very bummed if not able to make it as looks to be the case.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you want to get on the phone or e-mail for more details.
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I've been to several and plan to go to many more. I look back and figure I didn't really start skiing til I hooked up with that gang. :
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thanks for the insight! I am going to sign up for the Jay Peak clinic on Tuesday...I will look into the Epicski Academy next year
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I can second all of the above. Great bunch of guys, very informal. Skiing at Jay with them on a good snow day is an awesome show.
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I had a very positive experience with the Xtreme Team. The Nat'l Academy is also very good.
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All those clinics cater to the lowest common denominator.

They waste the first morning "analyzing" skill and making groups. Then you go to lunch after one run.

The coaches are very good coaches and know how to teach.

However, it seems that they do everything possible to minimize the vertical feet per day.

I ended up just handing them one of my radios and told them to call me when they were ready to ski again.
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Originally posted by worldfishnski:
...I ended up just handing them one of my radios and told them to call me when they were ready to ski again.
So, did they call you back?
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I used to tag along with John Egan and Decas when they had a clinic at Sugarbush. They are a blast to ski with and guaranteed you will learn a ton. Just come prepared to go HARD all day. Egan literally jumped over my head on Lift Line one day, sick.
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I'm slated for their clinic at Sugarbush next week. Can't wait!! Too late to do much serious training so I'm just trying to keep up the nordic-track/cardio training until then.

Should be great!
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cool, It'll be a great time. Johnny runs a fantastic clinic and if the weather and snow are great you'll ski every inch of that mountain (woods included). Enjoy, I'm jealous
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They did call back.

Don't get me wrong. When we were skiing it was great. They are good coaches.

I also skied with Adam (cousin) and Dean (friend and X-team regular) who are good coaches too.

Most of these clinics are more of a chance for people to ski with famous people as opposed to putting maximum effort into getting the most out of the clinic. I feel that, for that kind of money, the focus should be on getting the maximum time on the mountain SKIING. That is the way to improve and have the opportunity to be coached.
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