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Boot Fit Problem

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Looking for some advice on boots. I am 5-8 and 170 lbs and am a level 7(lower advance) skier with a size 8(US) shoe. I purchased Tecnica Diablo Pro boots the end of last year. They shell fitted me into a 25.5 shell and were able to get one finger behind the heel. They were real snug, almost too tight with the liner in them, but figured when they packed out they would be perfect.

I have skied the boots about 15 days now and now my foot is beginning to get real loose in the boot, there is play in the ankle area and my heel is lifting and causing the front side of my tibia to rub and get sore after a few runs. I also have some lateral movement now in them. I went and saw a boot fitter who did the cork Superfeet insoles and also put a heel lift in the boot. This took up some room, but still had some play in the ankle area. I skied them another day and am still having the same problem. Went back and the bootfitter gave me some Instaprint pads that you put down the front of the boot tongues. These helped a little, but are a pain since they tend to move a bit.

Any suggestions if anything can be done or am I in need of a new boot? I did stop by the local ski shop last night and they fitted me into another boot, a 25.5 shell in a Salomon Impact 10. The boot fits real snug with the liner in and the bootfitter there says the liner in this model Salomon will pack out very little due to the type of material they use. Anyone have any experience with this boot and can confirm this? They also didn’t have a 24.5 shell boot which I would like to try on for the heck of it to see how it fits as I am now paranoid about this happening again. The fitter there did say I have a skinny/narrow ankle and it widens up by the toes. Plan on going out to the other local shops to see what they have available.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone has a recommendation on a boot for smaller feet would be great since I know they start at a 24 size, but a lot of places do not stock that size.
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the impact 10 goes down to a 24, and is the same fit (stiffer flex) as the idol (chick version, exact same fit)

also look at the falcon shape (Instinct is the ladies)

lange HP fit (free ride 110 or 130)
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I did go to another shop last night that after measuring and looking at my foot also suggested the Salomon boot. He said he would of never suggested a Tecnica to me due to my foot shape. He also fitted me into a 25.5 shell but in the Impact 8, he said I should probably try the Impact 10(little stiffer and a tighter/firmer fitting liner) which he was out of in my size. At least he was honest.

Does anyone have the new Impact line boot? Any feedback would be appreciated as far as fit and was there much pack out in them.
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What color is the Diablo Pro that you have? What is the flex? ( trying to determine the last )

The Salomon these guys are showing you is wider and puffier than the Tecnica Diablo Pro. Do some quick math. If the the Diablo Pro is 98mm and low volume, and the Salomon Impact is 100mm and kinda puffy volume, which one will be bigger after break-in?
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They are the all black boot with Tecnica written down the side in silver. Flex I think is 100.

From what I have been told by the two place I have been to is that my ankle area is real small/narrow and my foot gets wide up by the toes. Also both have said they wouldn't have recommended a Tecnica boot to me due to my foot shape(both also carry Tecnica line). I also tried on a size 24 just so I knew what it felt like and was entirely too small, had a hard time getting my foot into it. Not sure were to go with this since I have tried on a bunch of different boots over the last two day and like the fit of the Salomon the best for now.
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You have to trust your gut on what feels the best. However the shop is blowing smoke about the Impact liner not packing out. All liners pack out, and the pack out is directly related to the amount and intensity of use.

If you are in the right size Tecnica, and the combination of a custom footbed, heel lift, and eliminator tongue is not holding your heel down, your foot is very very low volume and will not be contained after break in with the Salomon Impact.

If forefoot width is tight with any boot that you try, the shell can always be modified to accomodate. Find a boot that really grabs your heel, ankle, and instep.

Has anyone suggested an injected foam liner, or a Zip-Fit liner for your existing shell?
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Agree with Starthaus. Unlikely you will be in better shape with the Salomon. The race pro is definitely a lower volume boot. Something isn't adding up. Are you certain the shell fit was done properly? What size does your foot measure in regular U.S. shoe sizes?

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I usually wear 8.5, sometimes 8 depending on the shoe.

Starthaus, with the heel lift and eliminator tongue, my foot did stay in place alright, but seems that I have a hard time getting the eliminator tongue in a comfortable spot and always seem to be adjusting it.

I was just hoping to see if there was a better fitting boot for me.
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Once you find the zone with the eliminator tongue, it can be glued permanently in place.

Also 3 or 4mm neoprene tongue shims can be glued in. I prefer these as a long term solution for liner compaction.
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Thanks everyone for the info. Playing around with the boots tonight trying to figure out how to take up some of the volume in it. I pulled the liners and also pulled out the plastic footbed out of the shell. I then traced them on some scrap industrial 1/8" hard rubber belting(dad sell conveyor belts). I then put them between the boot liners and the shells plastic foot bed. This seems to have taken up some space.

Is this a no no what I just did? The only thing that still concerns me is the rubbing I was having on the front side of my tibia bone.

Again thanks for the informative replys.
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Fill up all the excess space and the rubbing should subside.
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Thanks again. My only other thought is if there is some type of ankle brace on the market that will make up for my small ankles. Any recommendations?
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FYI: I'm a 8.5 shoe as well, and have skied a 25 Xwave and falcon, and now am in a 24 impact.
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