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question about boots for people with bunions

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I've been having a hell of a time finding the right boots. I have several foot issues that are making it difficult:
1. I have bunions on both feet (where big toe and metatarsal meet). Forefoot/ball width is therefore pretty wide (are you supposed to measure standing on your feet or not?)
2. Big toes are angled outwards towards second toe instead of facing straight forward.
3. I have weak arches (fallen?). Probably due to big toe angle issue? They are not flat but they do cave in quite a bit.
4. The bone that is below and just to the rear of where your tibia meets the inside of your ankle is particularly protrusive. Almost all boots seem to pinch this bone and the vein or ligament or whatever it is that seems to go across the bone. Also the bone below and to the front of the tibia (navicular) is somewhat protrusive and often brings on pressure.
5. I am a little knock-kneed

Boots that i've tried that were closest to fitting so far:
1.Tecnica Vento 10 Hiperfit
2.Head Edge+ 11

Still have problems with ankle fit on both of these boots though, and while my forefoot is wide, I don't know that my actual foot is that high-volume to fit in these boots. If you have bunions that give you a wide forefoot, do you go looking for boots with wide lasts first, or do you look for boots that fit you everywhere else and assume that you can punch out the forefoot width later to accomodate the bunions?

Anyway, would love to get some advice on some other boots that may fit me (performance boots preferably of flex 90-110). In particular that will suit my ankle problems and bunion/forefoot width issues.

Thanks in advance!
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I would get paired up with a recommended bootfitter and get these fit issues corrected. None of the fit problems you listed should be a problem for a competent fitter. Pick a boot that fits snug and have the fitter work out the bugs.
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what cantman said basically is the best

just remember that you can make any boot wider/bigger, you can't make them smaller, so fit for the smallest part of your foot and make the tight areas bigger
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You have tried fairly high volume boots but unless your instep is high or ankle area is quite thick may not belong in one.

I don't base forefoot width on size of bunions or we are left with no way to eliminate pressure on bunions. Best fit is with boot narrower than width across bunions then when boots are punched in bunion area pressure moves to medial and lateral forefoot and off bunions.

Clumsily said but maybe clear.

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