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Pressure above instep

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What do you call the part of the foot between the 2nd and 3rd buckles? In other words, where the leg meets the foot and the foot bends in front of the ankle.

I went to a boot fitter who spent a lot of time (3 hours) correcting my stance, lengthening the liner a tad, and grinding a couple of pressure points. This relieved the terrible all-over pain that I had been feeling for two years. A miracle!

However, it created a new pressure point in the area questioned above. I assume this is due to heel lifts bringing the whole foot up and forward.

Can anything be done about this pressure point?
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If all else is aligned well, you can investigate re-shaping or re-sewing the tongue in the ankle transition area. Also, grinding the heel pocket can move the heel back and relieve pressure in the transition area. Why did your bootfitter need to add heel lift? What other modifications were done?
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Sorry, I can't answer your questions with clarity as so much was done in that 3-hour fitting. I remember that my metatarsals were found to be growing downward significantly, and that my forefeet are rigid.

I listed all the modifications I can remember, but I will add that the fitter did do something (unknown, sorry) to the tongue. The Head S9 has peculiar bumps on the inside of the shell protruding into the inside of the heel; those were removed. Padding was added around my very thin achilles' tendon.

In the end he was satisfied with my stance and alignment. Boots felt pretty good at that point, but upon skiing I found significant pressure in the area described.

The main thing that was corrected is that I now have a firm fit that does not require overtightening of the buckles as before.
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what happens if you remove the heel lift and replace it with one a few mm thinner?
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Today I skied 2 hours with the heel lifts, couldn't stand 'em anymore, took 'em out completely. That helped this problem quite a bit---pressure on the tongue was relieved.

The lifts were half-lifts, for the inside edge of the heel only. I assume they were to tilt my feet outward.

I did not notice any loss of balance when I took the lifts out. In fact they were making the bottoms of my heels numb, so I was glad to get rid of them.

I think I will be able to fine tune my boots from this point forward. The problem of extreme pain is resolved 85. That feels like a miracle. Thanks very much to all who have given me input. Much appreciated!
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