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Need More Ramp?

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I just bought a pair of Fischer Soma Race 120's and I'm having some problems getting pressure to the ski tips. I was previously skiing a Nordica Hot Rod and have been told it had much more ramp than the Fischer. It has been recommended that I had a heel lift. How much lift is needed an how will this effect my instep pressure? I have a very high instep and arch, through grinding the zeppa and tongue along with adding new custom foot beds I finally have that problem resolved. I'm afraid adding lift will also add to the instep pressure. The boot has an adjustable spoiler and adjustable forward lean, would either of these be a better fix? I have very little flexability in me foot and ankle if that helps answer the question.
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Probably your best first step is to remove the spoiler and straighten up the forward lean. Try to tuck the power strap inside the shell to act as a spacer. Also, you can start to add small increments of heel lift to "open up" the ankle. See if this remedies your tip pressure issues. You could additionally install a toe lift to "gas pedal" the boot or lift the toe of the binding.
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It may be beneficial to re read the thread you started "cramps and numbness in new Fischer's."

The info there has addressed the ramp/forward lean/booster-power strap/etc.

Also resolve footbed issue first. Then move on to fit and balance from there.
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I replaced my previous Fischer 130's with these 120's. I didn't have the same fit issues and the softer flex is better suited to me, I'm not far off where I need to be. I'm planning to add the Booster strap.
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