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Forefoot Issue

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I have a width issue with my left boot across the forefoot. I have pressure on the outside of my foot along the forefoot area but no pain. Where I have pain is on the inside of my forefoot at the widest point wear my big toe contacts my foot (for lack of a better term) in front of my arch. My question is do I have the shell stretched (or ground) on the pressure point it self (inside of foot) or along the outside of my foot to gain a little more width in the forefoot area? The boots are Fischer RC4 Race 120's with SOMA stance.
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See a bootfitter. Seems like a minor issue that a small amount of grinding or stretching will alleviate. Without assessing your physiology, it's hard to initially point you toward an area to grind or stretch. If given the option, I would try to grind the area behind the first toe initially.
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go back to "which footbed?" post first.

Did you have this problem with your Nordica Hot Rod?
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Yes I had this problem with the Hot Rods but in was the opposite foot which is actually narrower than the left foot. The local bootfitter did a pinky stretch which didn't help. My boot was looser but still had the pressure to the outside of my foot. For the record my right foot is really messed up due to an injury. I can spin it almost all the way backward, my left foot which is normal and slightly wider is the problem.
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