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Heel Slippage

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Hey Guys,
Thought I'd consult the collective here before going back to the bootfitter.

My foot measures 27 cm.
I'm in a size 27 Solly X-Wave 10. I estimate 18 mm space to back of heel when shell fitting.
Intuition Powerwrap size 10 and custom cork footbeds.

After fitting the Intuitions the tech did an alignment check and said left knee tracked "out." I let him cant the left boot in and plane 1mm from inside half of sole.
After about 40 days skiing the left boot no longer kept my heel down when really flexing that leg. It comes up maybe a mm or two, and I can feel back of heel rub against liner/shell. Right boot is fine.

shell too big?
liner packed out?
incorrect canting/planing?

Thanks for any thought you give to this.
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Originally Posted by SunValley View Post
shell too big?
liner packed out?
incorrect canting/planing?



maybe, but hard to say with the foot rattling around so much. get the right shell size (you can re-use the liners I bet) and try again
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