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Telemark Gear

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Just thought I'd run this deal by you telemarkers out there. I picked up a used pair of Rossi Big Bangs with some Black Diamond Riva Z Bindings (both in great shape) for $75. Think I got a pretty good deal?
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Are you happy with them? Then the answer is yes.
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I suppose, depending on how much life is left in the skis. I've still enjoyed my Big Bangs for a few years and still do. The Riza Zs might be a little too light duty for telemarking if you are used to beefier bindings. I use my Riza Z Pros on 'rugged touring' rig and they are fine, but wouldn't want to go big with them (not that I can anyway) unless you enjoy the challenge.
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Tele Gear

I can't go big yet either. I figure this is a good setup to keep learning on. I only just hopped on tele's last weekend. I rented a setup of: K2 World Piste's, Scarpa T2 Boots and the Targa G3 bindings. The big bangs were only used for 2 seasons for 10-15 days before I bought them. I have read on the Riva Z bindings that you can crank up the springs to prevent slipping out of them. I will probably use this setup for the rest of this year and upgrade next year. Any more info on the Riva Z? It may be the Riva 2, not sure.
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Compared to the three-pins, ankle high leather boots and stiff skinny skis I started on, you are golden with your set up....for now. It's humorous watching the evolution from 'free-heelin' to beefier and beefier gear that is almost like alpine capabilities. It's more challenging, keep you honest and will dial you better with the Riva's, IMO, than a more active binding. Here's a telemark binding comparison chart. I'd guess the Rivas are more in the 'Neutral' category and can be used for touring.
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Alpinord is right, the Riva's fall in the all around binding category (going up and coming down) like G3 Targas. A good overall binding, especially for a beginner, but a little on the less beefy side of things. Matches well with the T2 boot. The Big Bang has not been made by Rossi for a few years (pre-T series), but if they only have 10-15 days use on them, you got a pretty good deal. $75 doesn't buy much today.

If you get serious, upgrade to T1s, Rotta R8s or similar and wider skis as you improve. Better yet, get some skins and keep the Big Bangs for BC touring! :
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