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Intermediate skier needs a equipment loadout

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Hi, Im new to the forums. Ive been skiing at my local mountain (or should I say hill ) for the past 3 years. I can go down the double blacks with somewhat ease, but I hear that the double blacks at my place are like blacks everywhere else.
Ive been using rental double tipped Rossingol 118s. I really like the feel of them and Id like to buy some in that type of range, maybe a little longer though.
Im 13 and 5'4" and roughly 108 pounds. Anyone got any suggestions for a full loadout: Boots, bindings, and skis? Thanks a lot

PS: I wouldnt want any real expensive ones, but I wouldnt want the bare minimums

Edit: I do mostly downhill but pretty soon I want to get into park
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Hi Akmed--welcome to EpicSki!

This is a pretty good time of year to find deals on ski equipment, as shops and manufacturers try to clear out the leftovers from the season. You might also get some good deals on used stuff from instructors or other pros, although it can be used hard.

Since your season in Maryland is probably nearly over, you might want to wait until fall and check out a few ski swaps. There's no better place to find great deals on equipment--as long as you don't have your heart set on a particular brand or model.

Unfortunately, it's hard to find a ski that is good for both freestyle/park and alpine, especially in firm conditions. It's not so much the design difference--some freestyle skis can hold an edge and carve a decent turn--as the fact that the features in the park will shred your edges. I recommend getting a pair of skis for the park, and another for skiing elsewhere.

Good luck!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Keep an eye on the sponsor forum at this site. Some great deals are going down right now. Any of the sponsors will reply to your PM (private message) if you have questions about the gear.
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HI Akmed,
Consider seeking out smoking deals in your local stores now or web searching. There are lots out there. Buy your boots from your shop though and wait until the end of summer or early fall as your foot is growing. Consider at least a good generic footbed to improve your alignment and boot fit. A good junior race ski might be a cool way for you to go if you don't need a powder board but don't take that into the park. Twins are more forgiving on the landings as the tips and tails are more flexible and some have wider edges to withstand the stresses of the rails. I'd recommend learning to carve well first but I'm not 13!
"If you aren't turning, you aren't learning!"
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