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This is ridiculous. The days are getting longer, the temperature higher. Hell it feels like March and we only had 2 weeks of winter. Anybody else miss a good cold, wet Winter? Please let me know where to find one. Hell I've already skied 75 days and only had one day of face shots, this sucks!!! The bad news is that leaves only about 55 more days to ski. Anybody want to head to New Zealand?
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Well, at least you have Some Snow.

Total for me this year? 0.5 inches. Yes, that's half an inch. And the wind blew it away the same day, it was so dry.

Everyone play violins now. This IS sad.

I'll have to go to Utah for snow..... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Heck, winter is definitely here in New England. We're loving life up here. We're in the midst of a good old fashioned arctic blast (temperature in Franconia, NH Saturday morning was apparently -20 F), and most towns here in Central Massachusetts have passed their annual average snowfall totals. This has been a fabulous winter!

Seriously, we had a six month long Fall last year -- this is the ultimate display of the Law Of Averages.
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Tom- you are still way ahead of me. Only 9 days, and NO big powder days yet. 63 degrees today in Denver (but my son had blue skies and some nice powder in the bowls at Copper today). I'm planning on 3 days this week, but no big storms in sight.

Have you been to Silverton Mt.?

(btw, any word from the gait lab at children's?)
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its all karma, about this time last year in the Northeast it was 60+ with only traces of natural snow. I was bitching that Utah had all the snow. This year we've had one of the best years that I can remember and Utah is "struggling" with below average snowfall.
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Yesterday it was -27 when I went to the mountain. No wind though. It was actually pretty nice and kept the crowd down.
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We are having an "old fashioned Winter" here. Best in years. Supposed to be in single digets all week and snow every day. Only problem has been the wind chills which are way in the minus range. 4" last night and another 6" this afternoon and more over night. Skiing has been fantastic other than the weekend crowds.
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Sorry to gloat, best conditions in at least 4-5 years here. 8-12" predicted today again with very cold temps. All local areas are 100% open and have great bases, no January thaw in sight. All you western skiers looking for snow come East and check it out.
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Hey Gooey, Where do you ski out of? Song or Labradore? I have skied both quite a bit in the past years. Had relatives that lived in Tulley. Enjoyed both.
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you are not alone in your misery, and worse, when you come to utah next week it looks to be no better. the snow here is tired and thin. in short it just plain stinks. guess i did not pick the best winter to trash the real world and move west to ski for the season. dosen't matter as much when you do a knee though. my best advice to anyone is to give me some $ to put in the market, mortage everything you have and short what i buy. you should make enough to retire in aspen off the profits. i'm truly jinxed.
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It is great to hear that the valley is going strong. My wife will definately be at Holimont on Feb 18, 2003. I hope to join her. I remember a post by *mike* where he complained about our conditions her over the Chistmas Holiday. Man what a difference a couple of weeks makes. I have skied on nothing but packed poweder/powder for the last three weeks. Our base in more than advertised and the slopes are in excellent shape. I hope to join you for a day of skiing soon. When do you head out west or are you going east this year. I may head up to Vermont for a couple of days. Need a lift? You are right on the way.


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Yep, a good ol' fashioned winter here in Upstate NY. At Bristol, we don't get the lake effect quite like Lars does at Holiday Valley, but we've gotten lots, and with the brrrrr temps, they've kept the guns going. Unless we get a real thaw, we may be skiing till the end of April! Sure makes up for last year!
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No winter here. Yesterday it was 65. Last week we had a high temp of 75! Now that is summer time. This morning I saw that our neighbors spring bulbs were starting to peak thru. Much to early.
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Hope you guys get some snow soon. I'll be in Colorado from the 14th till the 22nd of Feb. Ski with some of you Bears.
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you guys have got to be kidding !
yes, the rockies have had little recently; but i remember all of colorado opening everything they had staff for, with thier record early snowfalls and the east coast is skiing in fresh(not manmade) powder right now, inn who knows how long !
the sierras got the early passover treatment, but you can lose a great dane is the current powder.
the lesser mountains (i.e. WI, PA, NY) have been avoided by God or mother nature(depending on your belief system), but I think the skiers have been well blessed this year.
it was in the 30's in florida, you may have to buy a plane ticket; but the snow is out there waiting for you !
and i live in houston, i always have to buy a plane ticket to ski !
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They don't call 'em the Colorado "Rockies" for nothing. Yeah this year is a little better than last, but I can tell our whole state is gonna be on fire again come summertime. Snowpack in all the river basins was averaging about 80% of normal in December despite all the hype about a great early season. I remember once upon a time growing up in Boulder that we would have to shovel our super long driveway from time to time... Ah, the good old days. There were even those days me and my brothers would pile up the snow and sled off the low part of the roof .

One possible reason it's dumping on the east coast right now? I'm on the other coast. So I take a year off school to be a ski bum at Loveland last year, and it's probably the worst year ever. The ridge (lift 9) didn't open at all until mid or late Feb. and it was like April before they got maybe half of it open for a couple weeks before the major meltdown. At the start of February I was like "Well its still kind of early season, it's got to get better". By mid March I was like "well we have to get a couple big spring storms at least?" ... not a one. Biggest "Dump" of the year from Feb. 1st to closing? 9 inches. Anyway, I come out to Cali for school and watch it dump record amounts of early season snow in CO, I'm all psyched to go home for Christmas, but guess what? no snow in December. I'm riding up the lift with my brother like "What happened? I thought you guys were supposed to have a lot of snow?" Meanwhile the sierras are getting POUNDED. Over 100 inches : at Kirwood in about 4 days. The same four days the weather people kept repeating that the same storm system was supposed to come our way and bless us with major snow. Yeah try 1" every couple days : . Now I'm back in Cali and it seems like the party's over, not that it really matters since I'm nowhere near Tahoe or Mammoth anyway.

Okay I think I'm done ranting now. Plus I think I know a trick. I'll just wait until the day before spring break to decide where I'm going thus lauching a surprise attack to steal the pow. There's only so fast mother nature and global warming can melt down a hundred inch base right? So... anyone wanna spot me $500 for a plane ticket?
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Went skiing at snoqualmie yesterday. It was raining and foggy but still fun. Snowpack here is well below normal for this time of the season. Several more storm systems are on their way but they are the "pineapple express" type coming up from Hawaii and will likely mean more warm temps. in the mountains.
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At Stowe today it was 20 deg. and snowy. It felt like summer time after what we went through last week.
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Hey Lars, we are deciding to ski holiday Valley starting mid-February, just when you are out west. Could you check for me if they are shoveling out the RV hookup places across the street from the bottom of the Wall chair? We plan to take up our trailer.

Unless it gets much better we may even skip the western trip this year.

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The winter has been way below par but the skiing is still very good. On the other hand, at 11K it was a combo of freezing rain and graupel, the turns were sweet. Could be worse. I heard today that Tahoe recieved rain.
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Kevin F was right, that perticular Saturday it was -20 in Franconia, and even better, there was no wind even at Cannon's summit. A real rarity! But truthfully we've had a lot of cold but not actually very much snow in northern NE. I was at Jay Peak the next day and skied on a lot of boilerplate. There was still fresh snow in the glades, but generally not as good conditions as I'd expected. Midstate NH & Vt seem to have gotten the big dumps recently. A few weeks back there was waist deep powder on Mt. Cardigan and Firescrew, near the NH lakes region.
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