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Kid lessons @ Lake Tahoe?

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Hi gang,

We will be skiing for a couple of days at the end of March @ Lake Tahoe and we are wondering which resorts have good kids' programs there? Our daughter is 4 years old, attends preschool and is comfortable walking around on flat snow with skis on.

Thank you, eugen
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Alpine Meadows has one of the best programs I've seen for kids 4-6. Its called Little Mountaineers, aka "Kids Camp". Its one of the reasons we started skiing at Alpine. That, plus the fact that Alpine has some of the best terrain in Tahoe. Squaw has a good program too, but they've been swamped this season. They don't have enough instructors for the number of people showing up, plus a lot of the Kiwis and South Americans are going home now, so they're even more strapped. Both my kids preferred the Alpine Program to the Squaw one - YMMV.

I don't know much about the programs at the hills on the South Shore, never ski there. Northstar supposedly has a good program but its such a PITA to ski there with kids that it just doesn't seem worth it to me.

If you choose to come to Alpine, let us know.
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Ditto on Alpine being great.

SugarBowl also has good program.

Kirkwood program has a late start time (10:30am) which makes it a PITA to deal with. Plus, the program really has not impressed us like the Alpine and Sugar Bowl programs.
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We have done heavenly, kids enjoy it, you basically hand them the kid and they take care of everything (equipment et al), get the coupon from Lucky supermarket, and also make sure you sign up on the California side as Gondola sometimes on wind hold.
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diamond peak has a pretty good kids program, and cheaper then alpine I believe.
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Another vote for Alpine and Squaw, although my Squaw experience is becoming obsolete (most recent experiences were in 04/05).
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it also depends on where you are staying, go to the ski resort that is in your area, most ski resorts have an allright kids program I believe.
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as a Coach in the Alpine Meadows ski team and under the direction of the Kids Camp program (which your 4 year old would fall under)... i would also put my vote on Alpine. i know many of the Kids Camp instructors and they are awesome with kids.
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South Shore

If you will be on the South Shore, consider Sierra at Tahoe. The kids program is well set up, and it tends to be less crowded and less expensive than the other options. They also have an inexpensive "teach your kid" private lesson.
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Thanks all for the input provided! Our daughter took classes and below are our impressions:

1st day - 1:
We show up to sign up Vivian for classes at Heavenly. Big surprise: they do not have a daycare, but 2 hours of classes in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. And these were to be the kid's first classes! We were both quite apprehensive when we'd learned how hard will Vivian's first day be, but we gave it a go because we knew that she is a fit kid.

1st day:
Vivian rides the gondola and has a good class in bluebird weather. We did swing by in the afternoon 20 minutes before the class ended and she was still doing laps, in spite of the fact that she was visibly tired. These guys are running a good program, Vivian had fun and did get quite attached to her two instructors.

2nd day:
Daycare program at Squaw Valley with 1 hour of skiing in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. The operations here are a bit mass-production-like, but the daycare facilities are bright and well equipped. They take good care of the kids, but there seemed to be too many kids in the skiing class. They also have a 4 hours of skiing/day program.

3rd day:
We meant to go to Alpine Meadows that day, but did not sign up Vivian for classes the day before. We'd stopped by the kids' club at 8:20 a.m. and had learned that the sign-ups start at 9 (vs. 8:30 a.m. at Squaw Valley). My wife did check out the facilities and they were quite dark, so we'd ended up going to Squaw Valley instead for 1/2 day. We did the daycare program again, for 1/2 day.

Thanks again, eugen
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