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Hi, ok, first off i am poor. Secnd, i am tired of renting and think it is time to buy. Got offered a 2nd chance offer on ebay for a pair of Salomon Scrambler Custom skis for @200 with bindings - all brand new. I am new to buying ski stuff, but have been sking for several years. I did use search, but didnt see anyhting pertaining to these skis, or what they are worth [ i know they are several years old]. I am an intermedaite skier, mostly groomed, some trips to fresh snow . Any other sugestions on what i shuld be looing for. TIA - this is a great place to come and learn, been lurking for a while, decided to come out onto the slope.
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Welcome to EpicSki Ramw!
First of all, I'd do some checking on Ebay and send a reply to the second chance offer to find out if its legit. There have been some scams but this could be a solid offer.

Second, I don't know much about the skis, but I do know that there are some smokin' deals from some of our epicski sponsors on some awesome 08 skis and year end close outs.

Check out Sierra Jim, Dawgcatching, Ptex1, among others in the sponsor threads.

You may find something new in your price range without guessing if the ebayer is legit.
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ramw5p, if you are tight on money the worst thing you can do is buy the wrong skis.

Not sure if I feel qualified to give advice like many here, but I can say that I would stay away from anything 200 cm long especially at your level of skiing. You will find that newer, shorter skis will serve you much better. From what I found googling it looks like it's pretty fat too (82mm??) which would be fine for skiing mostly powder, but you ski mostly groomed. I would think you would want to stick with newer skis, say last 3 or 4 years, which are much easier to learn to ski with and advance than older or longer skis.

Depending on your size typical length would probably be in the 160 to 175 cm range. Width wise, you might be looking at something maybe 68-75 mm in the waist of the ski. I think the Solomon you are looking at are too long and too wide for what you want, and I would suggest taking a pass on it.

You really might want to consider reading, talking with others, and educating yourself before you buy. Or find a friend that really knows skis and ask for help.

If you haven't already been educating yourself here's some info you might find helpful:


This one has some good info, and some useless info, but it also has "skier level" . . . you might want to figure out what "level" you are and add that to your post:


A lot of what goes into selecting an appropriate ski for you is where you ski and your size, information that you left out; you may want to edit your original post and add that information, along with skier level and age.
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I think the skis cost $200 not 200 cm long. Not one of my favorite choices in skis but, it might be okay. Mid 80's in width, light weight, lots of side cut to a ski it's width. You might also look at a Dynastar Legend 4800, K2 Apache Stryker you should be able to find lots of deals on those skis at good prices
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