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Marker / K2 alliance

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full article

Anyone know anything about this. Will this K2/Marker binding system be different from the Marker/Volkl rail system? And how does Volkl feel about this?

I especially like the benefits of "Fully integrated ski/binding graphics" :

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looks like monkey see monkey do, & I have 2 pairs of k2 skis, axis x pro 181cm & mach s 174cm both with the marker 1200 piston, I also had a k2 axis x 181cm with the 1200 piston that I have sold, I like the markers but what if looks were my binding of choice?.
just my .02 bteddy
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As long as I can still get the top of the line K2 skis alone I will be happy...gotta mount tele bindings on them!

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I doubt that Volkl has a problem with this since Volkl/Tecnica has purchased the final shares of Marker. It just sells more bindings.

On that note, I think some Axis XPs with Pstons would be a nice combo.
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