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Edelwiser "Prototype" 182cm

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Edelwiser "Wiener Schnitzen" Prototype
(unmeasured geometry) @ 182cm

2009 ?

[click here for larger picture]

Manufacturer Info:
Edelwiser Sporthandel GmbH
Julius Tandler Platz 6/4
1090 Vienna/Austria


Edelwiser USA
P.O. Box 4261
Aspen, CO. 81611
Contact: Max Werdenigg
(970) 987-8555

Price undetermined

Custom grahics services @ $110 /hour
Upload your own graphics !
(Illustrator or EPS template downloads you can modify)

See custom graphics examples (corporate branding)

Usage Class:

High speed race carving.

Your Rating (with comments):
(1="get me off these things"->10="I have to own a pair")

10 (high speed race carving)


This ski was a prototype reportedly designed by Nicola Werdenigg of Austria (co-owner of Edelwiser - she knows high performance skis!...see below...):

4 World Cup podiums
17 World Cup top ten finishes
Austrian Ski Federation from age 8
Six semester sport sciences - University of Innsbruck
Austrian state diploma ski and ski guide
Diploma Bioenergetic body work
1968 Interski Demoteam Österreich
1968 Interski Demo Team Austria
Six years Skiing World Cup
1975 Austrian downhill champion
Fourth place 1976 Olympic downhill in Innsbruck downhill overall World Cup third
Sports teacher with a focus on children and disabled sports

This is a serious, experts-only, high octane racing machine capable of skiing at moderate speeds if asked and correctly operated. Race-stock performance in a modified carver chassis. Stiff and precise with an unlimited top speed. Powerful and unrelenting vacuum-like vice grip on the snow wanting to be driven in a forward stance and properly commanded to change direction. The ski comes more and more alive as the speed increases, instantly telling even an expert skier that this is no fooling around. Pay attention and make sure you know what you're doing. Surprisingly friendly for such a dangerously high-intensity race carving tool. Imagine taking a top-tier race stock GS ski and flaring the forebody a bit (similar to the Swing forebody geometry) and spreading the tail a bit at the end. The result is a Ferrari-like speed addition tool that can be initiated into its turns with a gentle forward stance roll onto the edges. Once you're "engaged", do not, under any circumstances, get into the back seat. Stay on this ski or be taken for a ride. Not for civilians. This ski will thrill the expert skier craving a powerful carving tool with unlimited speed potential. Only take this ski out when on one else is clogging the groomed slope. As Max says "This is the ski for the first runs on the fresh groomed hill before anyone gets out there." I became addicted to this ski - plain and simple. Better get in shape...This ski will cause you to have your ticket pulled at slopes in the U.S.A. over and over again. No question. Please Edelwiser...bring this ski to market !

Technical Ski Data:

Wood core, fiberglass, Titanal (I think) low-scuff slightly matte finish topsheet (customized).

Pre-Skiing Impression:

Stiff. Strong. Serious. Like the Edelwiser Speed on steroids. Curious combination of race-stock GS flex feeling with a "Stretched" Speed model geometry. Hefty ski. Commands respect. If Nicola Werdenigg loves this ski and is reported to be one of the most elegantly smooth skiers on snow, I have a long way to go in my technical skills. One word stuck in my mind after inspecting this ski and flexing it: "Respect".

Test Conditions:

Cold, dry packed powder conditions, perfect combination of packed groomers and some cut-up fresh stuff (ranging from a few inches to some boot-deep stuff) on the side of some trails. We tested on several days and several ski resorts in Vermont.

Test Results:

The skate to the lift was like being told to sit down in a class by a stern teacher. "Respect this ski" immediately came to mind. Definitely a GS-style racing machine with that dampened, almost heavy feel. The first few turns instantly told me this ski needs to come up to speed before it will even think about flexing its curves. Stepping the pace up immediately caused the ski to suck itself into the surface like a vacuum and simply moving your mass forward (almost "chasing" the shovels with your hips) created a complete lock onto the snow starting at the shovel and continuing right under foot back to the end of the ski. Hold it as long as you want. Do it at any speed you want. Ignore any surface changes in your arc...the prototype doesn't care...it just holds its line until you roll your mass laterally the other way to change direction. Seductive security at sometimes uncomfortable speeds (a good thing !) allows you to up your level of average speeds to scary territory if you wish. Remarkable forebody grip in the snow unlike nearly any ski I have tried, including many race-stock GS skis from many other manufacturers. "Substantial" is a word one tester came up with to accurately describe the 182 prototype. The 182 prototype produces an addictive sense of security during intensive turns at high speeds. Really stable, really controlled and really grippy with a sense of quiet and "mastery". This sense of security can get you into trouble the minute you don't have the reflexes or presence of mind to monitor and manage what you're doing at warp 9. Let down your guard, and this ski, like any speed-event thoroughbred, will stay on its trajectory when you didn't intend to...potentially causing an unpleasant detour. Be careful what you wish for. One of the best rides I've had in a long time.

Analogies: (this ski is like...)

An F1 race car slightly modified to make it street legal. Experts only please.

After Skiing These, I Want To...

Sell my other skis and learn to ski this pair to their potential (after hiring a personal trainer).

Self-Description of Skiing Style, Ability, Experience, Preferences:

Expert groomed-surface carver, "old-style" race inspired, "foot steerer" with fairly sensitive edging feel. Loves to hold long arcs with lots of pressure on the downhill ski (you know the type), but also loves the feel of both skis on-edge leaving tiny railroad track edge tracks. Not an instructor, but 10 year coach for youth race team in New England (bulletproof is the norm).


The "Action" video has a few clips of two people riding the 182 prototype, and the "Interview" video has one instructor describing it a little.


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Here are the dimensions:

Abgewickelte Länge, Nennlänge 1824 mm
EKL 1816 mm (Edge)
Tip 128,8 mm
Waist 77,6 mm
Tail 118,0 mm
R 14570 mm Radius
Gewicht/Ski 2,0299 kg weight

Cheeeeers Christoph :
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Nicola Werdenigg provided some history of this ski resulting in its prototype:

about our prototype:

The roots (shape) of this ski lay back to the time when I
was working together with Reini Fischer. at 1996 the dimensions
seemed rather strange to almost everybody and there were only
very few skiers in the Snowrider crew which were able to
enjoy the ski. so it was not produced anymore.

For me since than the ski was my favourite - it matches perfect
with my "downhiller soul" (in 97 i had the opportunity to
try it on the downhill course at the austrian championships
at Zauchensee, where i became champion in 75,
after the race. this time my trophy was a big, big smile on my face.

After my old skis had no edges anymore to prepare,
two years ago i decided it's about time to start the
project "Edelwiser Wiener Schnitzer".
as there is much emotion with this project, the reviews on
your site made me proud like a new born childs mom!

I hope we can bring it to production in a small edition
for next season.
We will try to collect more reviews of this prototype over at:

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Very nice review here with useful comments and video of other skiers using the different models. Strong work

Max was out at Kirkwood for the 2008 Tahoe Gathering with the Edelwiser quiver. I didn't spend much time on them, but several in our group discovered them for the first time and were impressed as usual.
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Thanks Cirquerider ! We just love to get onto lesser-known skis and see what they're all about...really fun hobby! With skis costing as much as they do nowadays, every bit of information from different people helps inform the skiers out there before they spend their $$$.....and it helps the smaller ski builders at the same time...

We'll try to keep 'em coming...
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Servus America,
finally I had the possibility to ride the 182cm "Wiener Schnitzer" 01-03.May 2008 on the Tuxer Glacier/Tyrol/Austria. 0815 in the morning and good sight. Fresh slopes with powder worked in during the night. I have skied all Edelwiser types but this ski is outstanding. Similar concept and construction to the Swing and Speed (wood titanal sandwich) but all aspects driven to the ultimate. The ski takes any speed without taking notice. You see all semi-race equiped skiers static by skiing by at speed of light but you feel like cool cruising. Your body nearby the snow you do not need to take care about grip or radius. Those skies just do what you want to do. The only difference: You do it at a speedlevel you would not even dare thinking about...

Even short and mid-radius turns work out with dramatic rebound and power. Its quite easy to handle and in my impression not as agressive as the "Speed". Only the speed and the radical turns are crazy.

You think I am telling fantasy stories...? Try it!

Outstanding super-performance ski. Nothing compares....Must have!

Cheeers Christoph
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I see Christoph has been infected by the "Wiener Schnitzer" 182cm prototype...no one can resist....!

It was one of the most impressive skis I tried all year, and has the ability to increase speeds and powerful turning grip beyond most other "normal" skis. It definitely wants wide-open terrain (like a glacier !)...or empty, early-morning groomed slopes for race-like speeds. Very quiet on the snow, but shows great "authority" and unlimited carving power. No "whip-like" turns for this ski....speed and intense grip are the words I can think of.

Do you think we can get Niccola to bring this ski to market next year? I will bet some magazines might say great things if they tried it. Wow is all I can say. I want a pair ! I want a pair !:.

...the only question is....what graphics for the topsheet?

(My only fear is a ski like this will cost me more than my Wife will allow me to spend...!
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Dear Eric,

the good news is....you do not need another pair of skis if you get your 182!

Your wife will understand.....

Cheers Christoph
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