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New Utah Avalanch Web Site

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This is the new url for the Utah Avalanch Center Site.
I hope that if any of the fine people here,who plan to ski the Utah back country, that you will either check the site every day, or call the information line, before you venture out. [img]smile.gif[/img]
Know when to go [img]smile.gif[/img]
Here are the phone #'s
Logan: 801-797-4146 Ogden: 801-626-8600

Salt Lake City: 801-364-1581 Park City: 435-658-5512

Alta: 801-742-0830 Provo: 801-378-4333

Moab: 801-259-7669 Snowmobile Hotline: 1-800-648-7433


Salt Lake City: 524-5304

Outside Salt Lake City: 1-800-662-4140

some photos of last years slides.

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Good to know, thanks! I'll copy this to the Backcountry forum as well.
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