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Where do you get one boot?

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This may sound like a dumb question, and I assure you that its not meant in anything less than a respectful manner, but here's where it comes from.

While skiing at Crystal Mountain this past weekend, during the Michigan Adaptive Clinic, I noticed how many one legged skiers there are, and that it seemed that most were in a really good boot, likely spent time getting fitted. That's not cheap!

Another thing I noticed was that a majority of those on the hill were on the Left boot, which made my crazy mind wander to this thought, "There are a lot of lonely Right boots out there." and another thought......"I wonder if there is a program that someone who only uses one boot can donate his other boot."

I can't be the first person to wonder about this.
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Generally a lot of the adaptive people and groups I talk to get donations. I donated 4 pairs of boots to a group a few years ago. Good pretty high end boots that I or my friends just did not use. I down sized a few years ago and a couple of friends had found boots that fit better or went for stiffer or softer boots depending on what they were skiing.

I'm sure also the reps and mfg's donate gear to these guys as well. Returns from broken boot sets (broken or damaged one boot that they may have had to replace with a new set)

I would hope that fitters and shops that have to "eat" poor fits or botched punchs or grinds, also donate the other half of a pair to these programs.

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Sometimes manufacturers will help out with single skis or boots too?!
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