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Catskills Trio:Hunter,Plattekill,Windham 3/7-9/08

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Catskills Trio: Hunter, Plattekill, Windham, 3/7-9/08
Date(s) Skied: Friday, 3/7/08 Hunter; good spring ski conditions early and late, mushy mid-day, small crowd made for fun time, most everything open with a couple notable exceptions such as Annapurna and WestWay at Hunter West. Blue sky with high temps around low 40s. My first visit to Hunter since '85. The "dynamite" trail layout is most unusual and memorable. I heard once that Slutzky's were road builders and employed their dynamite and bulldozer techniques when cutting Hunter's trails in the '50s. Never get away with that environmentally destructive style these days, but makes for extraordinary setting with cliff lined trails. Skied almost every open run. Terrain Park near base lodge was open and active. Bumps were soft on Claire's Way and K-27. Mtn and valley views from Jimmy Huega Expressway trail were beautiful.

Saturday, 3/8/08 Plattekill; devastated by rains Friday night and earlier in week. Too bad. I had brought my teenage son and his buddy to experience this cult favorite. Only about a half dozen trails open on Sat AM (although a dozen more just recently closed and could reopen if they get a modest natural dump). Blockbuster wasn't one of the open runs. We couldn't ski it, we couldn't even see it due to heavy fog/clouds. But they had a few choices from each summit, e.g., Face and NorthFace runs. Skied from ~9-1PM in a mist, then the heavy rain started again. Hung around the fun lodge eating lunch and drying gear by the fires, but rain didn't stop and we bagged it before 3PM.

Sunday, March 9, 2008 Windham; the flash freeze after prior day's rain made for frozen granular surface with a fair number of ice patches. But vast majority of terrain still open, notable exceptions being Wheelchair, Winging It and Wicked, all those closed due to ice, not lack of cover. Also, Upper Wipeout and Way Out looked closed for the season. Breezy flurries early in day with temps around 25-30, then beautiful, clearing skies and dying wind after noon. Harsh conditions and my two teen companions wore me out as they preferred high speed rips on all the other black and blue runs including Wolverine, Wedel, Why Not. Crowds bigger than we had seen other two days, but no lift lines longer than 60 secs. Some impressive vacation homes on the periphery of the ski trails. One monster log home going up in prominent spot part way up looker's right side of mtn (Lower Wipeout) Headed back to DC area around 330pm, ~375 miles from Windham.

Refrain we heard all weekend, "you shoulda been here a week ago."
Shoulda coulda woulda, the two boys with me thought the Cats were great and did well in varied and challenging conditions. Good experience for them. Should be fine spring skiing at Hunter and Windham for some time. Plattekill needs help from Mother Nature. Kaaterskill Falls near Hunter was most impressive in near-flood conditions. May try to post a couple pics in a day or so. There is some very competitive March pricing in the Catskills, used Potter Bros and Liftopia for help with lift tickets, <$25 each.
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You're a better man than me.

Skied MRG on Friday and had a blast. We were suppose to ski Jay on Sat & Sun, but we woke up Saturday am in St. Albans, VT to 2-3" of fresh, I mean frozen styro foam on the car. It was 24F when it started to rain. Then it started to sleet, then more rain. In lieu of waiting for the weather to turn or skiing hardpacked icy groomers , we decided to hit the road. Glad we did, Jay Peak was closed on Sunday. : MRG was looking for human groomers. I know, I'm a wimp. Thats why you're a better man than me.

I'm glad to see you've got some hardcore skiing partners now.
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After looking at that Gulmarg trip report this is kind of mundane, but here goes...
1st pic: my body language is weird, but the views are great from Jimmy Huega Expressway trail at Hunter Mtn.
2nd pic: my partners in crime at Plattekill.
3rd pic: view at Windham from Wolverine trail towards Wicked and Wing N It trails.
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