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Stowe conditions?

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How did Stowe fare with the ton of warm rain we had to the south this weekend? I'd like it up there next weekend and wondering what I'll find.

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I would say like most of VT you'll be skiing on frozen grandular and a few death cookies mixed in. As the temps increase they will soften up. I don't believe there is any meaningful snowfall come in the near future.

In Ludlow VT Saturday night when not in the basement of our rental house fixing the 2 sump pumps. We kept an eye on the weather radar for VT. We all got rain which ended in a little snow on Sunday.
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Well, we had mucho COLD rain on Saturday which froze and then turned to snow. The surface froze at about 2 AM on Saturday night, so the surface on Sunday wasn't the greatest. There was a lot of icing and lifts were down with frozen ropes and so on. It didn't look too bad at the bottom, but as you went up into the clouds, the trees were bending farther and farther. There was actually a fair amount of snow, and overall, I don't think any base was lost. With another night of grooming, the surface was actually quite nice today. I was teaching beginners all day, so I didn't see much of the mountain, but what I did see was a lot better than I expected.
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The snow was beautiful today. Perfect groomers. So good that I was thinking blasphemous thoughts about the snow coming tonight.
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