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Recreational slalom - A few pics

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I thought I would post a few pics of PhilippeR Jr bashing some gates, all in good fun, as we were trying to make the most of a low snow week.
Just as a vanity exercise (that's MY son...) in random order.



The end.

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Nice, I wish my low snow years looked like that.
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Do you want MA for him or just want us to see?
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Originally Posted by GrooK View Post
Do you want MA for him or just want us to see?
It was mostly a "dear diary" type of post... But MA is still good to hear (even though there's no "motion" with still shots).
(Yes, he knows about the inside hand... in front, and higher...).
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It looks like he follows his turn alot, there should be more upper body separation.
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I don't think that was in Paris...where?

Level the shoulders. Most mortals can't put the inside hand down. Nice angles though.
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In Tignes.
He's 11 and on 158 Dynastar Exclusive Legend Powder
(jeez, the name is longer than the skis...).
Yes, he follows his turn A LOT !
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Pic #4 is the best in the bunch..
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Nice... Is that Nashoba Mountain?
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Nashoba isn't a mountain. It is a valley.
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I think you meant GS, not SL. Who sets a slalom with panels and that large of an offset? But Nice stoke non-the-less.
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Nice gate shots, but this is by far the most impressive part.
Originally Posted by philippeR View Post

The end.

I wouldn't have been able to keep myself in the gates for 15 minutes, with this at hand.
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