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Boot sizing questions

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My feet are 25.2 cm long with very low arch. I have been skiing on Nordica W9.1 size 25.5. I like the stiffness of these boots (110 flex) and I am on my quest for new boots with same or stiffer boots. I couldn't find a local (SF Valley, Southern CA) ski shop carrying boots that small and stiff. Calling a couple shops in Mammoth and Tahoe gave the same negative result.

Out of desparation, I called a big sporting goods store and was told that they had a pair of Nordica Speedmachine 14 size 25.5, the smallest size they carried. In truth I hadn't expect this store to carry high performance equipment. I rushed over with my own boots (same size, a bit too loose but barely manageable). I was soon disappointed and puzzled.

I did the shell check. It's about 20 mm! The shop person (not sure how knowledgeable he is about ski boot fitting - it's a bit of a generic but good sporting goods store) measured my foot again. Yep, 25.5 by his measurement. Aren't these performance boots? Shouldn't the shell be smaller? (My old Nordica is about 15 mm, which is already on the loose size. I had foam padding added when they were fitted) Yet, when I tried the liner without the shell, there was no extra room at the toes. The right liner but too big a shell? How could that be?

The shell width is about 5 mm bigger than my foot. I tried them on any way. They were super comfortable with the bottom buckles tightened almost to the max (probably not optimally snug for carving on hard snow) and surprisingly easy to put on and take off, much more so than with my old boots. And they seem somewhat softer despite a higher flex index; I tried them side by side.

Assuming the same model, should I try to fit size 24.5 or 24? How much smaller is the shell width? It seems the only way I can get a hold of smaller boots is to order direct and pay full price.

What other brands and models should I try?

Thank you in advance for your help
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Hello ChuckT and welcome to Epicski.

You have already learned some important lessons with your Nordica K9.1.

Shell sizing is the best way to start with boot fitting. The amount of space you start with in the shell should be directly related to how many times in a year you will ski, what your level of skiing is, your tolerance for short term pain, and in your case a good bootfitter where you ski to help make adjustments.

The next important factor is that all boots are not created equal in width and volume. The Speedmachine is 100mm wide in the forefoot in a size 26.
You should have 2-3mm on either side of the foot when the heel is all the way touching in the back of the boot.

It's great that you measure a 25.5. That is only a starting point to begin your boot fit. If you have between 5mm and 15mm between the heel and shell when the toes are lightly touching in front, that is going to be a boot you can try on your foot.

Liners usually do not touch the front of the boot, however they will stretch out to meet the front over time from skiing, or a little help from a bootfitter.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but to get a good bootfit, you should be at a good bootfitter. That good bootfitter will charge you accordingly for that product and their service. An attorney that represents himself, has a fool for a lawyer. A skier that fits his own boots, gets to do it twice!!!

If you ski at Mammoth see Corty at Footloose, or Preston at Kittredge. Or come to Tahoe and see Bud at Snowind, or Jim at Starthaus.

good luck,

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a lot of ladies boots are the same shape as the mens, just a bit softer, so a ladies in a 24 might work.

Also the lange fluid come to that size, salomon impact 10, and any full race boot too.
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Thank you Jim and Mtnlion for your replies. It seems that 24 is a fringe size, difficult to get. Hopefully 25 will do for me.

I'm totally convinced that working with a boot fitter is absolutely necessary. I was concerned that if I just walk into a shop, the boot fitter may not have the right boots to work on for me. But hopefully I have found one that will be able to help me.
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if you need the 24 in lange or salomon PM me
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I have in stock quite a few choices of 24.5 or 285mm boots, most of which are in the 98mm forefoot width. PM me for details.

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