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Cleaning Aluminum Oxide Stones

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Ok, I've read the tips and tricks and searched the web.

Now how do I REALLY get my Aluminum Oxide stones clean. What a pain, all the marks on them- is that just a reality?
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A thick piece of plate glass
some silicon Carbide "grit" #80- #160 who knows? (From industrial supply, search the net!)

Water or oil (Your choice, guess which one is less of a mess)

Apply grit and liquid to plate and "rub your stone to your satisfaction"!
Just like new!

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I have a set of aluminum oxide stones that used to be all white and pretty and now they are this ugly dark gray.
However, they still work exactly like they are supposed to so I'm leaving them that way. I'm worried if I remove some material from the stones I won't have a flat edge anymore.

Cgrandy's suggestion to use a think glass plate seems to be a good one.
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