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metron 10 vs x-wing 10

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Hey All

Currently have Atomic Metron 10's in 171. Big improvement over my old skis, but have been wondering if it may be too much ski for me. I'm 6'1, 180lbs, and ski East Coast corduroy mostly, but want a ski that will work well when conditions are soft/bumpy/carved up/slushy, etc. I find that when conditions are bumpy or powdery, the Atomics are great. They are good on groomed slopes as well, but I have a hard time controlling the speed and rarely venture onto black diamonds as I'm afraid I'll go too fast and lose control. A knowledgeable friend recommended Salomon x-wing 10 skis recently. We have virtually no oppurtunities to demo here, so could anyone who has tried this ski let me know their thoughts please? I noticed (in a store) that the Salomon's are very light compared to the Atomics. I did try x-wing 8's and liked them, but I want a ski that i can grow into, as well as handle.

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Have owned the Metron 10's and demoed the Salomon X-wing Tornados last year, which I believe is a step up from the X-wing 10's. I found the Tornados to be way too soft for my tastes but if you feel the Metron 10 to be too much ski, then perhaps the Salomons may be more to your liking.
I would however, recommend the Tornado over the 10 if you want to grow a bit.
please do keep in mind that Atomic and Salomon skis have radically diffrent feels however.
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i'd say you already have a ski that you can grow into. The Metron10's are a great ski that will work fine for an intermediate to expert. It sounds like you just need to get some more mileage on the hill with them & invest in some lessons.
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Jeff, keep the metrons if you like them, which it sounds like you do. Work on rounding out your turns and use turn shape to control your speed. The Atomic edge hold is great and the 10's will suit you for a long time.
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