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Happy Thanksgiving All !!

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Wishing all the Bears a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Whats everyone doing?

I am going to Missouri to sepnd the holiday with my family. It's been several years since we went back for Thanksgiving. I made the arrangements prior to 9-11 and am thankful that I did. I am lucky enough to have my sisters, thier families, both Parents(still married after 50 years!) and my wonderful husband to spend it with. I am blessed!!

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Lets see...

Tomorrow I'm having a date with that gorgeous girl, who on top of everything is also even more dedicated skier than I am. I gonna try to impress her with tuning her skis that night(By the way what are the factory bevels on Rossignol Bandits? : : ) and then we go skiing on Friday...

I wish everyone to have as good of a time as I anticipate having.

Happy Thanksgiving


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oh man.

Visiting family, but then I've got a date with this REALLY hot guy who is going to show me how to tune my Rossi Bandits....Then we are skiing on friday.....

(things that make you go HMmmmmmm....)
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Oh yeah! Picked up the last of the groceries this morning after an early work out.

It's going to be Turkey, Stuffing w/sausage, apricots and pecans, Green beans with shallots and vermouth, mashed potatoes (gravy), Roasted beet salad, homemade rolls and fresh pumpkin and apple pies!

I'm going to be a cooking fool but I love it! Everyone's invited to my place for dinner and lots of great wine!

Have a great Turkey day everyone and the next day....let the shopping begin!
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Hey, you're early! some of us still have to work today! :

Just kidding.. Definately Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonight I spend the evening delivering Meals with my Wife and several youth and families to shut in's and people less fortunate than us. I think we are delivering over 100 food packages tonight.

Then tomorrow I get to spend most of the day with my wife. Then an afternoon visit with my parents, cousin and his son who is wheelchair bound (gymnastics injury) and then dinner with my Extended family (aunts/uncles/cousins)

And Friday dinner with my parents and a group of friends/families.

We have much to be thankful for. Take care all and safe travels for those of you that have to go a distance to visit relatives.
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Linda and VK! This is SOOOoo COOL!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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From Tognar.com:

Brand Base Bevel Side Bevel
Atomic 1 degree 3 degree
Dynastar 1 1-2
Elan .5-1.5 0-2
Evolution 1 1
Fischer 1 3
Hart .5 1.5-2
Head 0-1 0-2
Howe 1 1
Igneous 1.5 2
K2 1 1
Nordica .5 1.5
Olin 1 1
Rossignol 1 1
Salomon 1 1
Stockli 0-.5 1
Volant 1 1
Volkl 1 2

Don't know how current. You're welcome.
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I may head to Copper for some runs, hoping everyone else will be home cooking. Watch the world cup racing maybe...hmmm...muscular women hauling ass in skin tight clothes. Then I'll head down to Denver for a feast cooked by some friends.

Or, road ride then go to Denver for feast cooked by friends. Or, take my bike to Denver and ride the path from friends' place near downtown to Cherry Creek Reservoir. Something new. Then feasting.

I have four days of of work and if I do nothing at all that would be better than cubing it.

Copper calls for a lot of snow to move in in the next few days. But Winter Park is a lot less optimistic.
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No kids, no relatives... just me, my GF, my golden retrievers (and their litter of pups) and our siamese kitten... uh, names: Tonka the male golden, Ember the mother golden, Avie the avalanche dog in training (10 mo daughter of Tonka and Ember), 6 - 2 week old puppies, and of course Jasper the 10 week old kitten (who thinks he's a lion). I am sure there will be enough turkey for all

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the rest of you folks! Have a safe holiday!
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For me, its the first Thanksgiving in 8 years my kids are living with me. I had them for visitation on Thanksgiving, but that's not the same. My 19 year old daughter & 20 year old son moved up to Montana a couple months ago for college & skiing.

It will be nice having them here for turkey day and as an added bonus Big Sky got enough snow to open the Lone Mountain Bowl so we'll be skiing this weekend and a couple days next week.....way cool....can't wait.
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Family gathering at my house this year. Usually everyone stays up until 4 AM playing games-Scattergories and Boulderdash are the favorites.

What is really special for me this year is the matriach of the clan has told me - I have to go skiing during the day - just be home for dinner. She has given this edict because she knows how upset I was that the earliest I skied this year was this past Sunday.

Isn't it great to have family that knows what makes you happy, and is willing to endorse it!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable, relaxed holiday.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

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Happy Turkey day all. I am working to morow but the office ain't bad, Rio we picked up 3" of 7-9% snow. The Bowl was skiing o.k. on Tues. and we marked the god out of the thin spots. All in all it won't be bad. We will probably open Crons and the Big Cooler for hiking on Fri.
Dinner is at friends condo, he is laid off until more snow so he gets to cook. Should be about 15-20 orphans and friends joining in.
Happy days all.
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Just mark, myself, the greyhound and 2 cats hanging out, with the 4 legged ones waiting for hand outs.

Anyone have some good recipes?

On a serious note, I am thankful for snow, great instructors, and having friends like al of you, especially last march when life was not that great for me.
I am also thankful that we did not lose any of our community in the tragedy of 9/11.
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I am thankful for the following in the last week:

1. Won Aspen Ski Co. drawing for free 2 nights lodging and 2 - 2 day lift tickets.

2. One daughter on front page of local paper (raising the flag with a classmate at school).

3. One daughter called from Kentucky (it's been a LONG TIME).

4. The weather service is issuing all sorts of SEVERE WINTER STORM WARNINGS for Summit and Eagle counties.

This better not be a tease.....
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Ann is cooking and baking up a storm. My son and family and his brother and sister in law with two teenagers are coming.

Me, I'm going to be in training with all the food for the cruise we are taking in a week.

I have promised myself I won't gain more than ten pounds on the cruise, maybe I'll even hold it down to nine..( I haven't lost the ten pounds I gained from the last cruise a year ago :

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you...

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by VK:
I gonna try to impress her with tuning her skis that night<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

So that's the latest euphemism, is it?
Couldn't resist that one...
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I'll be going to my daughter's for dinner. Both of my daughters are doing the cooking. I'll most likely watch some football, drink some wine, and do some biking unless the forcasted storm comes in. I'm praying for the storm. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

My you all have a Great Thanksgiving, and my you have Peace and Love. And my Ullr bless you with plenty of turns this year.

VK, if LindaA is going to allow you to tune her Rossi's she must think you are OK. Don't blow it. :
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Wow! we have a modern day Sigi story unfolding in front of us on our little forum. I Love it!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I just bumped the oldest Thanksgiving thread I could find.


Have a Thanksgiving meal that just can't be beat!


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