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Giro Omen....your thoughts, please

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Well, I was at my favourite shop Saturday morning to find replacement straps for my leki poles and happened to come upon a Giro helmet I hadn't seen "live" yet...I looked at it and found it very interesting, looked on the price tag to get the model name. it is "omen"...The price is a bit higher than what I'd have expected (some 175 Eur).
Despite me having an almost brand new Giro Bad Leutanant, which I love, I am considering buying a new "melon saver" and keep the BL as a back up.
One major "flaw" that the BL has, IMHO, is that's got no ventilation whatsoever, so, in a warm day it'll be a sauna.
I looked carefully at the omen and noticed the two different levers to open the two ventilation shutter "sets" (I think I'd call those "upper" and "rear")
Anyone got any direct experience?
Also, can I carry my tuneup ear-pads from the BL to the omen?
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Why do you need two helmets, especially since you love the one you have? Have you even worn the BL on a warm day yet, or are you speculating that it will be like a sauna?

And I've got no experience with it. As long as it fits well and has the features you want, that is all that counts IMO.
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Thaar, I have worn the BL on a warm "day" (in fact it was a warm night, believe me, I was sweating so much I had to take the helmet off every time I was reaching the base station and wipe my head)
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Wear less clothes.
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Thanks, that's a very helpful overview of the Omen.
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With regards to the ear pads, I am pretty sure you will NOT be able to use the BL pads in an Omen. Giro breaks them down by helmet and then even further by helmet size. Might drop Giro an email and ask them. I have asked a couple of questions there and they are pretty good about getting back to you in a timely manner.

As for experience with the Omen, no help there. Love my year old Fuse though. Vents work pretty good, even on warm days.

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I've never worn the Omen, but I do have the low-budget version, the G10.

It's very light and comfortable. The ventilation is great. I can't for the life of me figure out why the Omen is worth almost twice as much money. Better ventilation, I guess.
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PM Richie-Rich, he is an expert on helmets.
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I have a Fuse and the ability to close and open the vents is a nice feature. Mine is now 2 years old and I would recommend one. To me the Omen looks like it'd be very similar fit and features-wise.
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I have an older Fuse & a new Omen. I like the fit of the Omen better, but with the new rok-lok adjustable fit system inside, the Omen is noticeably cooler. There is less insulation wrapping around the back of your head. Nice on warmer days, but I need to wear a scull cap under the Omen most of the time. Never had to do that with the Fuse (though that may have been redesigned also).

FYI, my head is shaved, so its easy to tell the difference in warmth.
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The Omen is a nice helmet...in our shop a G10 is $130 and the Omen is $200 so not twice as much. Your paying for a fancy paint job and a more durable outside shell. Personally I don't see much diference between the two as I don't see much advantage to having two separate vent controls vs the G10's single vent control.

BTW this season the Smith Holt and Variant have been our post popular sellers.
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check SAC at this moment Omens for $113 USD with audio!

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