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Krypton Rampage adjustments

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Tried the rampage for the first time today in groomed pack powder. It seems to me that I really needed to concentrate to keep the skis parallel while going straight. The ski's tendency was for the tips to converge. I needed to consciously externally rotate the femurs to keep the skis parallel. Either that or keep my legs and boots together like an old school type skier. I have never had this problem with my two previous boots.

I went back to the shop where I bought the boots, and a guy there told me to bring the boots and skis back so he can troubleshoot the problem. I will do that in a couple of days. In the meantime, so that I may have a meaningful conversation with the bootfitter, what are the different causes for my boot problems? What are the possible cures? Do I have some skiing technique problem? I am going to Tahoe in a week, and I really need this issue to be resolved. Thanks in advance for any input.
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Hello Jellybean,

To better help you and your local bootfitter troubleshoot, could you answer a few questions?

Do you have a footbed? Custom or trim to fit?

Did you get shell sized? If so, how much space?

Did the shop you bought the boot from adjust the lateral cuff adjustment or the forward lean on the boot.

What ski are you on? Are they well tuned?

What boot did you have before the Rampage?

From way across the country in Tahoe, it sounds like an alignment issue, however please respond to questions and it will become clearer.

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks for the reply.

There is no footbed.

I did not get shell sized. I picked the size myself based on what I had tried in the past. They ranged from 27.5 (my first boot) to 25.5 (my wife's). I've had a 26.0 (big toe was scrunched) and a 26.5 (the rampage). I did remove the liner just now, and it looks like there is two fingers behind the heel (how can you do that with your foot in there anyway?)

The shop did not make any adjustment. This was actually an opportunistic buy-I had some time to kill before picking up the kids from school, so I wandered into a ski store. I did not have time for the shop to make any adjustments except for heat-fitting the boots. I figured that any adjustments can be made later.

I currently ski a Dynastar Big Trouble in 176. I think the tune is good except for the fact that it probably needs some wax.

As I mentioned before, my first boot was a 27.5 Rossi Salto-definitely too big. I bought a 26.0 Tecnica Modo 10. I skied with it about half a dozen times, but I could never get the big toe to be straight. My daughter tried it, and she took it away from me. I used my son's boot, a 26.5 Rossi entry level women's ski on my recent trip to SLC two weeks ago, and it felt like there was too much forward lean. I experienced burning quads and tip dive during the tip. BTW, I did not realize that the 26.0 and 26.5, were the same shell size, otherwise, I would have worked more with the tecnica.

Anyway, I realize that I have not done it right. Have been too haphazard and cavalier about ski boots hoping that I get lucky and find that magic fit off the shelf. I do hope that I can make the rampage work this time.
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