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Did anyone else watch it..I enjoyed it, but not the announcing..I wondered sometimes what the camera dude was smoking, as the camera would go in all directiions. There were a couple of hard crashes..Does anyone know the guy that got hurt, and any updates on him..I believe it was Rob something.. Hucked a cliff about 40-50, and did not make it smooth..Looked like he hit the side of the hill, and his skis dug in, and left him dangling in a bad position..Took patrol along time to get to him(understandable..Bad spot on the hill), but did an awesome job getting him down..Japanese dude stuck his skis in the rocks at the top of a jump, and double ejected onto the rocks below, but he did not get hurt..Overall I thought it was a cool way to be there, without being there..So, props to them trying..