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Mogul multiframe mosaic

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This is a mosiac I put together from a series of snaps. I'm mostly posting it because I like the way it came out, but if anyone wants to critque, have at it.

This was somewhere on the North Face at Crested Butte in February. Unfortunately I don't remember which run.

and here is a zoomed-in version

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Artistically, its kinda kool...i like it

skiing wise, the first thing to my eye is that your shoudlers
are square to skis, not down the face. Same with the hands.

Lets the skis turn, while the hands stay in front and the eyes find the line

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I see your point. I think I do better at that when it isn't quite so steep.
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This might help......look at what he practices on the flat terrain
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Now that is an unusual drill.
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