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ski season w/out wheels?

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Little help? Suggestions for a ski bum to hang about 5 months w/out wheels. Whistler is out...bummer. Done Vail. Putting a lot of thought into JH, & crashing in Jackson, I heard the shuttle is OK, but of coarse I won't be packing it to the lift. What other Mt.Towns would make a killer season? Thanks.
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Why is Whistler out?
Whistler has a free bus system, almost everything you could need is in the village. I guess the only question is can you get lodging in close to the village. I've always been in condos and hotels so I don't know the housing situation but I suspect if you can get in with a private party that needs someone to "manage" condos or homes/properties as part time job you might find something.
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shuttle, terrain, snow, long season.
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UT would be cool too. maybe even a place at the mouth of little cottonwood canyon. shuttles in the mornings to the resorts.. or even better find someone with a private cabin/house on the hill that rents out their place. Some of these need care takers! The people that we used to rent from had a person that stayed at the house and took care of things like plumbing, shoveling /clearing the decks, cleaning between visitors laundry... and the guy that was staying there was also an instructor so he worked at the resort near by as well.
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Gotta agree with Ryan above. Mammoth is where I would spend 5 months with no car. Shuttle service is great; lots of stuff in walking distance (well sorta); and lots of fellow ski bums to get rides from. If only Mammoth had bumps...
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Spent the last couple of years living in Jackson. Amazing terrain - stellar backcountry and really no need for a car. Bus is the way to go if going to the village - or hitchhike - usually only a one car wait. Town is great as well, if you can't get a ride home via bus, the walk is never more than a couple of miles or a cab for 6 bucks. Hell ride yur bike - thats what I did.
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Mammoth is it for the car-less. I just about never drive from town to the hill, the bus system is too good. Hundreds of Aussies and Kiwis do the carless thing here every year.The main shuttle runs fron town to main lodge from the week before Thanksgiving through Memorial Day.

KevinH - You are so right. Mammoth has groomed the life out of tons of terrain. Chairs 3,5, Cornice Bowl, Scotty's... These runs were so much better back in the day. Most of the time, it seems like only Lincoln and West Bowl are allowed to get good lines. Next time you are here, be sure to complain about this, the don't listen to us employees.
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Aspen has 4 mountains for 1 pass which you get for nearly every job & a great bus sytem to get you around. hitchhiker friendly too
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Well...thank you! I was only out for a couple of hours &. I never thought about Mamouth, whats the scoop? girls vs terrain? I want too set this thing up....plus your all invited...to crashhhh at me pad & do your thing on the hill! Help?

Right now, this dude is crank'in AC/DC in his headphones, the same way i ski & Mt. Bike! I ride w/crank'in tunes! You can call me "party boy", because thats what i am, ski'in party screw! Tell me more about Mamouth and JC, I have friends in Jackson, do you know Wally or Rasta" Pete?

ROCK ON!!! (wow, ya, 38yrs, & ski'in for 34!) :
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DC...whistler is still questionable... i had diggs, but theeey fell through, you got contacts?... i really want'nt me own pad, but if you got good people... i'll GOOO! Talk to me ! I Gat the eeerB.
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hEY. "Freak me"... Do you know how too find diggs? Hows the $ scene? Girls? spellit out for the stoner dUDE, please!!!i GOT FRIENDs THERE just can'y find 'em ?
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Heey SLC- i hear the pows good, but how about the pool halls... inneed to make some cash, hustle, cash, ski, cash, hustle etc... :
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Matty..like to ceck ASBIN out big time, $$$$??? Ohhhh, so confused! (sp? sorry )
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The city of Park City runs a free shuutle system all over town, and now i hear out to Kimbills Junction.
You can work at any of the 3 resorts there, and get weekly passes to any of the 3 resorts.
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The scoopage on JH. You don't move to wy, if you are looking for girls, I didn't move there looking for men, though the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

As for places to live, try KMTN radio show, trash and treasure, or online... If snow pack is decent you can't beat the pass for BC, or off the tram, shit you can't beat JHMR if the snow is there.

Let me know if you want more details or numbers.

Wally - as in BIG Wally of the ski patrol?
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Many Thanks to All! Have a GREAT season!
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