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Another length question ... showing my age a bit ...

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I'm looking at picking up a pair of Volkl Supersport 5 stars and I'm not sure what length I should be going with.

I'm an ex-racer (USSA, FIS, Division one college) I've been skiing on the Vertigo G31's for the past two years in a 193 and I think they are a bit long. I can ski them, but I have to work a little more than I want to now that I'm a recreational skier. I got the longer ones because they were out of the 188's at the time. I'm currently weighing in at about 165 and I'm 5'8". I'm leaning toward the 175's but only because they are one step down from the longest. Man that seems short! Is that the right length for me?

I pretty much ski everywhere these days, New England, Utah, Colorado, BC if it matters. I still like to rip every once in awhile especially when there's no powder to be had and the corduroy is freshly groomed, but I don't want a ski that I can't take into the deep stuff when I want to.

Any thoughts?
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Another question while I'm at it...

Any thoughts on Vertigo Motion or G3 versus the Supersport 5 Star's with or without the motion bindings?

Which do you think I'm going to be happier with? Is the Piston Control System worth it, or should I just get the bare boards and slap my two year old Marker 9.2's on there?
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I looked at T50 SS 5 Stars and Vertigos this year. I'm 6'1" and weigh 180 lbs and I probably would have gotten the 5 Stars at 175cm or maybe 168, but I chose the Vertigo Motion at 177. (I was on a 167 cm slalom ski last year.)

I chose the Vertigo because it is wider and has a little less sidecut, and think it is designed to be skied a little longer. I think it will be a little better off-piste and in soft snow.

I haven't skied the Motion or Piston bindings yet. I took the Motion binding because I needed bindings and because it has a little lift. There has been a thread here to the effect that the Motion binding won't stay on your feet, but I'm not worried about that.

I'm hoping to get on them tomorrow (12/3).

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I took both the 168cm and the 175cm T50 5-Stars out for a demo at Sunday River this weekend. I'm 6'0" and about 175 lbs, currently skiing on 188cm K2 Merlin Vs. The Volkl reps were trying to convince me that the 168cms were a great choice, but I was just not as happy on them as the 175s.

I was really impressed at how lively the ski was. The wider waist and more extreme sidecut than I'm used to made me think this ski would not be quick edge-to-edge or in bumps, but I was wrong on both. It will carve long arcs across the fall line AND let you play in the soft stuff on the fringe of the trail.

The 12cm drop from my current skis was more than enough for me. The 168cm was fun to toss around but just felt uncomfortably short. The 175 was more than quick enough for me, plus it felt a bit more reassuring under foot. Maybe I could get used to it, but I think the 175cm was just a better next step. Don't feel like you are missing out on anything, you will have loads of fun with the 175 and will probably enjoy it more. I've got a pair (with the piston motion bingings) standing in the corner at home now. Sorry I don't have any advice on the Vertigo.
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Real short skis are scary at first. I felt like I would fall backwards off the tail or go over the handlebars. Once you get over that, the new short skis work great. You won't be happy with the longest version of most skis unless you are a real big guy.

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What a great bunch of days, weather-wise eh'. So now the question is....will you be able to afford the SR/Loaf_ASC lift
tix_$$$? (just kiddin'
I really like the 0deg ramp with the T50 Motion setup.... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Which size? It depends; will it be your one and only? If so, I would buy the 175's. It is, afterall, the age of specialization; when the heavens open do you have a good soft snow ski? Or is that part of the T50's role? If you have a quiver of skis to choose from you may want the 168's. If you want the ski to do as much as possible on hard snow and soft, buy the 175's.

But don't stop there, get the full-on Piston Motion set-up. Why? Because it works.

On a related side note, I have talked to several big boys that ski really well about the T50 Supersport 5 Star - what a name - and these guys were raving about the ski in the 168 size. Every one of them weighed about 220. All I can say is wow!
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I'll admit my preference for the 175cm might be because they are easier to get used to than the 168cm initially, but at 175cm, the ski is as quick and lively as I could hope for. I tend to prefer longer, carved turns anyway, so that might be some of it.

Yeah, I was thinking that Thanksgiving=Holiday and they'd charge full price for tickets that weekend. I was glad to see early season pricing still in effect. I'm definitely not looking forward to regular season prices this year. Fortunately the ski purchase was supposed to have happed last year so I've been saving for a while. Glad I waited!

Conditions were pretty good for Nov. 30, and the view from the top above the cloud cover was pretty spectacular. I sort of felt like the day was "all business" with all the demoing I did, but what a fun business it was.
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