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What's the best month to ski?

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Which is the optimum month for skiing, in your opinion?
It would be interesting to record your vote, and also your reasons for selecting a particular month.
Apologies to those in the southern hemisphere - no prejudice intended!
My own preference is April, particularly for long sunny days. In Europe we consistently get good late conditions on slopes above 2000m (7000 ft), though admittedly you have to hit it lucky to get powder.

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I'm noting a strong preference for February from US voters. Is that specifically because the snow is driest, or is it deepest then?
In Europe, the snow seems to continue to accumulate to maximum depths through March and to mid April on the higher slopes, though the quality of snow generally gets more humid with the rise in temperature.
As I said in the post above, the trade-off of long sunny days and less fierce temperatures in April is worth it for me!
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I like Feb. because in Tahoe it is the highest probability of a powder day, and secondarily it is reasonably certain that covereage will be good.
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There was no option of "All of the above"!
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I voted for April, but would have voted for May or June had those options been available. Not because the snow is as good as in February but because you can still ski in May and June in some locations in North America. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I absolutely love big, fat, slushy bumps. I love them even more now than I ever have since I'm on midfats instead of my straighties.
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Lost, you can ski 12 months of the year in a lot of places in Europe
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Here in Vermont, USA, things are unpredictable - always have been. Our most favorite time to ski is when the lifts are running, whenever that may be. Good snow can be present or absent at any old time. Personally, my favorite times in any given year are from January 1 to December 31 - all the time, all day, every day. I remember one June there was a freak storm, and the newspapers had a photo of someone skiing the Toll Road at Stowe. If I had my druthers, I'druther ski in the summer at Mt. Hood, Whistler/Blackcomb, Portillo, NZ - WHATever - and in the winter all over the USA, Canada and Europe. The only reason I play the lottery is the hope of getting hair transplants and skiing all year.
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P.S. I voted for February because, as a practical matter, the snow is most predictably best then.
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febuary up to the tenth because the snow is almost always good just not this year ,prices are lower sort of a midseason thing it's after xmas but before spring break,also it is less crowded.
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I like Feb too, but nothing beats March Madness time.
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