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Snowed In

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Well, the is two feet of fresh snow. I spent two hours shoveling the driveway. Toward the end of shoveling, I had two thoughts. First how good the black and tan was going to taste. It did taste good. The second thought was how the shoveling would be rewarded by being able to drive to the hill and skiing.

After my wife decided she was not going( being a good husband, i was going to let her go skiing first), because the five minute drive would be too difficult, I started to get ready. My mom called. When I said we were going skiing, she told me the roads were closed in Summit county(Ohio not Colorado). Sure enough, a level three snow emergency. They closed the hill.

I am definitely not thrilled.
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OMG, if that isn't;

on top of

To add insult ot injury, surely the snow plows will come by and pile 6 feet of snow at the bottom of your driveway to get the roads open again. At least you will get some good skiing out of it in the end by next weekend?

Hang it there. At least you have power...:
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I went skiing today. I got to use my Vollants. It sure is different flying them through powder than driving the SCs on hardpack. When I finally got home at 7:30 (I had to follow granny goodwich at 20 mph and turned a 20 minute drive into over an hour) there was about 10" of snow in my driveway. I've now shoveled most of it and am sitting down with a Holsten Festbock; nobody's plowed my road, but at least it's not closed. I had a black and tan yesterday though.
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