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April 25th Too late for Skiing?

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I finish classes on the last week of April. Depending on my finals i could be done on the 20th, the last possible day being the 25th.

I live in boston and go to Jay Peak for weekends, but this last rainstorm is giving me doubts about the rest of the season...

Question: Where is the best place to go for Late spring skiing? (US or Canada)

Will a week of skiing from april 25 to first week of may be too late for good conditions?

Ive never skied that late into the year, and dont know what to expect, can anyone sum up the experience for me?
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Hi, in eastern canada, Mont Sainte Anne is a pretty safe bet but you stilll better check out before.

I know that Tremblant is scheduled to close on april 17 (which is gay early) but I don't know about Le Massif.

I'm in the same situation as you and willl probably be going to MSA on these dates.
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Loveland and A Basin will be open -- most of the rest of colorado will be closed. Snowbird may also be open.
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Mammoth WILL be open. 2 years ago I experienced one of the most intense storms I've ever been in on April 15th. Last year had 5 inches of fresh on May 5th. Arrive on April 25th and you could probably ski for a month if you wanted.
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Snowbird will be open, for sure.
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Whistler/Blackcomb will still be in full operation, with a good chance of new snow up high.
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If you want to ski on the East Coast that late in the year Tuckermans Ravine is your best bet. The snow is generally better a LITTLE earlier in the spring, but there will certainly be plenty left by your vacation!

LEGEND 1 - Left Gulley
2 - Chute Variation South
3 - The Chute
4 - Chute Variation North
5 - Center Gully South
6 - Center Gully North
7 - The Icefall
8 - The Lip
9 - The Sluice
10 - Right Gully (Lobster Claw, Lion Head Gully 1 2 & 3 further over)
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In the East, Sugarloaf for sure, provided the new management keeps the lifts running till the end of April like they have in the past. Because of their northern exposure, elevation, good snowmaking base, and frequent late season snowfall, they almost always will still have good cover, and you'll have the place to yourself.
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Boyne Resorts issued a press release today noting that Sugarloaf will remain open into May, conditions permitting.

This is possibly one of the best side-effects of the dissolution of ASC: giving the resorts a chance to develop their own idioms.
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i got a season pass to sunday and sugarloaf so i guess thats good news for me.

too bad halfway through the year i discovered jay peak, and i've never been back to sunday or sugarloaf since.
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Originally Posted by scmentz View Post
...too bad halfway through the year i discovered jay peak, and i've never been back to sunday or sugarloaf since.
Welcome to the Promised Land! Jay's pond skimming is scheduled for April 19th. After that we will keep the lifts running as long as possible, potentially closing mid-week when there's no people around and then opening back up for a couple late April weekends (or early May weekends perhaps, depending on snowpack...) The season up at Jay often ends the same way it starts, with left over man made snow on the Jet and dirt everywhere else, but they definitely keep the triple spinning as long as they can!

(By that time of year, however, I will be spending my April Vacation (Apr. 19-27) camping up at Tuck's. : (Right after I make a drunken fool of myself pond skimming, that is.) I'd be more than happy to ski a few lines with some Bears if anyone is going to be up there, just let me know. )
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tell me a bit more about how tuck's is. i assume from what my friend tells me is that it is "hike up, ski down" how many runs you get in a day?
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The Tuckerman Ravine trail which goes from the Pinkham Notch Parking Area to the base of the ravine is about 2.5 miles. From there you will have to hike up the bowl (pictured above) to the top of your chosen line. Depending on the time of year and snowpack the Sherbourne Trail offers the possibility of skiing all the way back to Pinkham, but in late April you'll probably only be able to get about halfway down. (Maybe more if you bring rock skis and don't mind skimming over some mud/grass )

As far as how many runs can you get in a day, it all depends on you (and your partners) physical abilities. If you want to hike in, hang out, and ski a leisurley day maybe 2 or 3... if you are really hustling and not spending much time resting between runs than maybe as many as 7 or 8?

Check out Time for Tuckerman, the self proclaimed "Consummate Guide to Skiing Tuckerman Ravine, NH" for more info. They have trail information, avy reports, trip reports, planning tips, etc.

Finally, and Most Importantly, remember that PEOPLE DIE ON MT. WASHINGTON EVERY YEAR! Plan your trip carefully, know your partners, be safe, and enjoy the best spring skiing the east coast has to offer!
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Play it by ear. I usually ski Jay that late and last year the Bush made it into May with a lot less snow pack than they have now. Of course every year is different.
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