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Breck-Beaver-Vail 3/3-3/8

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Fantastic trip. Snowed 1-4 every day. Crowds with the exception of friday were non existant. Never waited in a lift line all week for more than 1 or 2 groups. Got a whole lot of skiing in and I am a bit tired and sore for it, but I wouldn't give any minute of it back.

Tuesday went to Beaver Creek. Good place incredible service. I am not a big fan of moguls (not that good of a skier) and it seemed like there were a lot mogul runs. Only there one day so we did not get to see the whole place. Sun never showed its face so it was a little icey which may bias my opinion of the place a little. Maybe we were in the wrong place but the runs seemed a little short. The service at this place was top notch always someone around if you had a question. Great little town, loved the free parking (low budget trip).

Wednesday went to Breck. Again free parking was great. The snow was so good and soft for the most part. Very windy most of the day. We had some fresh snow all day. The sun peeked it's head out a few times which made the skiing incredible. Went up the t bar a few times, very cold and windy up there but the runs were fantastic, and the snow up there even better. Seems to me that there were a lot of greens which made for some uninteresting runs to get to the lifts.

Thursday went to Vail. Love this place. Last year we skiied all 4 days at Vail and will do it again. Spent the whole day in the bowls and blue sky basin. The snow was so good in the bowls a little icey on the front side. Spent most of the day in the trees near the cloud nine run. This is my kind of tree skiing because it is not too tight (again not a great skier). Found some good powder and crud that my crappy rental skis, volkl unlimited r1, did not like but being my first time in any real powder I loved every minute of it. (yes I will buy skis for next years trip) I can't say enough about this place, long runs, good snow, and it is so dam big that even when crowded it does not seem like it. It felt like we had the whole mountain to ourselves. If I had to pick out one negative, it seems like we got caught on catwalks an awful lot.

Friday Back to Breck. Being a bit tired we got there a little later in the day 11:00. The snow was again fantastic. Got a bit more crowded as expected. Spent the whole day on peaks 7 and 8. The sun came out after lunch and made everything even better. This place is good and I will come back.

All in all a fantastic trip. Started off well getting an upgrade into a truck from a compact for 207 total for the week. Got to go back to our favorite bar in Vail $1.50 drafts at the Club in Vail Village. Found a new bar to go to in Dillon called The A-basin cafe and pub. Dwayne the bartender was awsome. The only downside of the trip is that I am sitting here in the Denver airport on a 2 hour delay.

Can't wait for next year.
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Loved the TR!

BTW, if you want some untight trees, non steep to steep, go to Heavenly. I don't think there were any tight trees on the whole mountain there. If you want steep untight trees, try Mott Canyon there, gates 3 or 4.
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Originally Posted by adjake View Post
....The only downside of the trip is that I am sitting here in the Denver airport on a 2 hour delay.
Ahhh…but there is all the artwork and shops one can visit during a delay at DIA…:

While I skied each venue you mention this past week I felt no urge to respond; “but what you should have done…” or “next time you should try…” as often is posted by well meaning folks living out here. Regardless of insider info, the best experiences are found when you do your own ‘driving’. Great report…pics for next year please
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Got some pics comming. There are a whole lot of things i would have liked to do but it will come with each trip out. That is the best thing about going out there, always more to do!
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Hey. Sounds similar to our trip which was a week prior to yours (see thread farther down ...Breck/Keystone/BC 2/23-3/1 with pics). We had 19 inches total the week before, most of it in the first three days. Awesome powder especially off the tbar. Imperial was closed those days due to low vis and wind but we skied it the last day. The wind can be fierce at Breck. Especially up there and on Falcon (Peak 10). Beaver Creek was exceptionally warm, no wind and sunny. There were alot of moguls at Beaver (and one pic of them at the link). We liked the runs there and the apres ski scene at the end of the day. Will go back. Still have not skied Vail. That day will come.
Glad you had so much fun! Can't believe we missed each other by a day!! Can't wait to see the pics.
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Almost forgot. One more thing I liked about Breck was the blue black runs. You can ski a groomed or mogul run on the same trail. Good stuff!
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