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Mounting bindings on a plate (romoving old ones first). How to get old ones off without stripping screws?

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I just got a set of Comp X0's in the mail, and have startedto mount them on my Volkl P70s (they have a motion piston plate). They currently have M1000s on them (I pop out all the time at 10), but the guy who put them on really did a job on the screws, and they are near impossible to get out. I've already removed one heel and mounted the new heel, but the screws on the toes and 2 screws on the other heel (under brake) wont budge and keep getting metal off (not stripped yet, but will be if I continue). How should I go about removing the rest of the toes and screws off of the heels? I am using screwdrivers, as last time I used a drill to take bindings off one screw got stripped. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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My first choice now with tough screws after the screwdriver fails..is to grab my hand held hand impact driver that is always on my bench. This is like a very heavy fat short thick steel screwdriver. You can put just about any bit/socket on them. You hold it with one hand while the bit is in the screw and hit the end with a heavy hammer. The downward force of the blow forces the bit into the screw and at the same time turns the screw. Again..do this on the carpet. The hand held impact drivers are widely available and cost about $10-$30
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Are you using a Pozi-drive bit? Phillips is close, but the screws will have a better chance of not stripping if you use a true Pozi bit. All binding mount screws have a Pozi head.

If the guy used Loctite, you may be in for a struggle.
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find a product called "screw medic" at your local hardware store, or take the stuff to a shop with the right tools...
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Impact driver worked for the other heel, but is yet to move the toes. I was using a pozi head, still nothing. Screws are not stripping now, but they wont move a bit. It looks really odd now, two Comp 30 heels and 2 M1000 toes on the skis. Not sure what I will do if I cant get them out tonight, as I plan on using these skis to slip tomorow.
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I can't imagine the impact not getting them out UNLESS they were set in/sealed with high strength Loctite,resin or some types of strong epoxy. Weak epoxy on the outside of the screw threads/inside the hole..sure that bond can be broken. Resin,Strong epoxy or strong loctite..I doubt they will ever come out. Try some Penetrating oil. Heat the screws. Obviouslly not hot enough to damage plastic. I would get the penetrating oil on the screw.I would heat the bit and let the heat soak into the screw some..then again until you had the screw as hot as you could without damaging plastic then heat the bit again and go for the impact.
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Heat applied directly to the screw with a soldering iron has been known to work.
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They werent sealed, I watched him put them in. I have dont have many tools around, so soldering iron method wont work. Same for penetrating oil.

How long should I be trying with the impact? I went at it for 30-40 seconds on both toes (single screw, not double). Would longer help or not?
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Sears sells a screw extractor kit, thought it was a joke till I tried it and it works great.
Took screws out that were partly stripped and epoxyed in....
Good Luck
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Applying heat directly to the screw/fastener is the best. This is often not possible i/e with a soldering iron or torch in other applications. Too much plastic too close.
Generally..impacting stiff/stuck stuff off is the best. Also with removal it often helps to try and TIGHTEN the fastner a bit. With an impact..set the impact to tighten and wack it a couple of times..then go back to the reverse.
How long should you try it??..I dunno..a few good blows loosens any ski binding screws that are not bonded in. If they are bonded in then you decide if you want to bother to drill them.

I dunno what to say? You say you saw them installed and they were not bonded in. I have not seen any not bonded in ski binding screws that I could not impact out.
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Got them out, combination of impact and the good old screwdriver/plyers combo.
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